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December 14, 2010

Keyboard Cat x Wonderful Pistachios

How is it I'm so far out of the loop that last night during the second quarter of the Ravens-Texans game was the first time I saw this commercial?

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Party Finger Lights


From the website: "People of all ages are putting these colorful plastic rodent lights on their fingers and waving their hands in the air like they just don't care."

"Each 1.75"-long rat sends out a different-colored beam of light, allowing you to create your own personal light show.".

"Also great for the latest computer craze, nightblogging!"


How come I'm always the last to know?

$5.95 a set.


An alternative to Glowing Keyboard Stickers for those who prefer a more portable solution to nocturnal keyboard visibility issues which also offers applicability far outside the keyboard space.

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Was your Gawker password hacked?


"Use our widget to find out."

Finally, an easy way for TechnoDolts™ to learn whether their Gawker Media family jewels (to mix a metaphor) have been exposed.

For quality control purposes, after I found out both my Gawker email and password had been compromised (top), I made up some nonsense password to see if it had been released: "Not."


Free, the way we like it.

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USB Flower Hub


4 USB 2.0 ports.


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What's in a (brand) name?


"150 timeless trademarks and domain names; 45 to be sold absolute, regardless of price: no minimums, no reserves."

That's how last Wednesday's Brand Name Auction was publicized.

Some of the results, from Stuart Elliott's December 9, 2010 New York Times story: "The total of the winning bids was estimated at $132,000. The highest bid, $45,000, was submitted for Shearson, followed by $32,500, for Meister Brau; and $30,000, for Handi-Wrap plastic wrap."

"John Elduff, a 20-year-old student from Philadelphia, submitted a winning bid of $2,000 for Collier’s — the name of a magazine that stopped publishing more than 30 years before he was born."

"In an interview, Mr. Elduff said he was attracted to the history of the name. When asked what purpose he had for it, he replied, 'You’ll have to ask my father,' who, he said, is also named John Elduff and 'owns a publishing firm in Philadelphia.'"

"Infoseek, a once-popular search engine introduced in the 1990s... sold as part of a package that went for $2,000 and also included Big Yank, a clothing brand, and the Linen Closet, a retail brand."

"Several names, including General Cinema, Homestake Mining and Victrola, went for $1,000 apiece, and some, like Allied Signal and American Petrofina, were sold at two for $1,000."

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Emergency Underpants


Your chance to be a hero.

From the website:


With these handy Emergency Underpants you'll be prepared for any untimely underpants incidents.

3" x 1.5" x 0.75" tin contains one pair of disposable unisex underpants.

Don't let soiled underpants ruin your day — better safe than soggy.

Fits most adults.



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Easter egg — or pain in the butt?

I Really Don't Want To Know - Elvis Cover

Yesterday, as I was creating lyric and YouTube video links to Cameo's "Word Up" for this afternoon's 3:01 p.m. post, it occurred to me that not everyone who visits bookofjoe sees such things as benefits.

Some may well consider them hazards.

Me, I like links that take me down a rabbit hole but not everyone views the world like Alice.

So what's the word out there: benefit or hazard?

Remember, your wish is my demand.

joe, that's not how it goes.

Never mind.

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Geek Pint Glass


From the website:


Designed as a kitchen implement... but we know what geeks really need: a scientifically calibrated pint for your favorite ales.

With six graduated measurements (cups, fl. oz., fractions of pints, tsp., tbsp., and ml/ccm), you'll even know if you're getting an American pint (473.2ml) or an Imperial pint (568.3ml).

Made in Germany.



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