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December 20, 2010

"Life During Wartime" — Talking Heads

Wrote one commenter, "Eye-wateringly good."

I won't argue.

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Ceramics from another dimension — Ronit Baranga


With more


than a



[via Ufunk.net


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What color is your website?


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iFan: Air-powered iPhone


Wrote Dutch designer Tjeerd Veenhoven, "[It takes] 6 hours to charge my phone, rather long I think — but it works. I can shave off many charging hours by redesigning the fan blades,


making it more efficient in catching the wind while sun bathing at the beach, doing walking trips in the mountains or just holding it outside a car window while driving along...."


Alas, still in beta.

[via Core77 and TC_Chu's Point]

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There's something about Russian engineering...


From a November 30, 2010 Cryptome post:


"A Soyuz descent module


carrying two US astronauts and a Russian cosmonaut


back to earth from the International Space Station


landed safely in Kazakhstan 26 November 2010.


The spacecraft,


containing Russian commander Fyodor Yurichikhin and NASA's Douglas Wheelock and Shannon Walker


touched down as planned this morning [November 26, 2010] north of the remote central Kazakh town of Arkalyk."

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"Tron: Legacy" — The Shoe


Above, Edmundo Castillo's Light Sandals ($1,650 at Saks Fifth Avenue from February 1, 2011), made from the same electroluminescent materials used for the costumes in the film.

[via Horacio Silva and the New York Times]

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"Your Apps Are Watching You"


Above, the headline of Saturday's sensational Wall Street Journal article by Scott Thurm and Yukari Iwatani Kane, subheaded "A Journal investigation finds that iPhone and Android apps are breaching the privacy of smartphone users."

The graphic up top accompanied the piece.

A detailed interactive graphic shows the behavior of each of the 101 popular apps investigated by the paper.

Pause for thought, indeed.

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Letter Clock for iPad


Everyone loved the QlockTwo, featured here on December 3, 2010.

The price ($1,190), not so much.

Leave it to Richard Kashdan to come up with a more palatable alternative.

"Letter Clock is an iPad clock which forms words with luminescent letters to show the current time."

The Letter Clock iPad app (pictured up top) costs $1.99.

I'd price it at $1.19 just so I could say it's 1/1000 the price of the hard version.



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