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December 27, 2010

J. Paul Getty's Diaries


The diaries, which have just been made available online, cover almost four decades of the oilman's life, from 1938 until just before his 1976 death.

I'm thinking a person could learn an awful lot from them and I'm going to bookmark the site on my iPad for reading whenever and wherever I happen to have a few minutes.

Up top, entries for March 29-30, 1952.

Hugh Eakin's December 24, 2010 New York Times story features excerpts from the diaries.

Wrote Eakin, "While no one has ever quite pinned down Citizen Getty, his journals — he kept a daily record of his activities and thoughts that eventually spanned thousands of single-spaced pages in 29 black ring binders — suggest there was a good deal more to the man than the bargain-hunting oil baron of legend. 'I don’t think there is any other record to this extent of a major 20th-century collector,' said Inge Reist, director of the Center for the History of Collecting in America at the Frick Collection in New York."

"For many years the diaries were inaccessible, caught in a legal tug of war between Getty heirs and a manuscripts dealer. With that dispute resolved, however, the Getty Trust was able to buy them this year, and the Getty Research Institute, the art research arm of the trust, is posting them on the Getty’s Web site."

"Though few of the diary entries may challenge the view that Getty 'hated soul-searching personal revelations,' as a biographer wrote, much can be read into his offhand comments about people, politics, business dealings and favorite artworks, as well as about the prices he paid (usually too high in his view) for everything from a haircut to dinner at Maxim’s. By turns affectless and opinionated, they offer a glimpse into the mind of one of the last great exponents of the robber-baron era."

You can look inside


one volume here.

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Crushed Tray


From the website: "Why would I want a broken tray?"


"Since it already looks broken,


chips and cracks are not a problem, so why would you throw it away?"


"The unique centre hole works as a glass holder,


catching any spills and therefore preventing embarrassment for those clumsy days."

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Marina Abramovic graces the cover of Elle Serbia


It's not so much that they chose the renowned performance artist for the January 2011 cover (above); rather, it's the fact that there is an Elle Serbia.

Who knew?

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Many available here.

[via Ufunk and Technabob]

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TwoXChromosomes x reddit


Who knew?

"Welcome to TwoXChromosomes, the subreddit for female-oriented discussions both serious and silly. Anyone who engages in misogyny, misandry, transphobia, or otherwise hateful or disrespectful commentary here will be banned. Everyone else, regardless of sex, gender, insides, outsides, or mindset is welcome."

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Jump Out Mirror


From the website:



Removable hand mirror in mirror!!


Use these 2 mirrors freely and style yourself up.


The magnetic attachment will provide an easy storage and tidy dresser.

Acrylic material is break-proof.



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How much is your Facebook page worth? A rising tide does not necessarily lift all boats


Just yesterday I read where Facebook's value is now over $41 billion.

Coincidentally I happened on a website which offered to tell me how much my own Facebook page was worth.

As Jack Kent Cooke once remarked, "Nothing is for sale — but everything can be bought."

I figured if my page was worth enough, I could cash out and pursue "other interests."

Though what interests I'd pursue other than those I'm currently engaged with, I'm not certain.

No matter.

I jumped through all the hoops, filled out the online forms, and finally clicked to find out where in the low seven figures bookofjoe on Facebook was valued.


How about the low double figures?

As in $11?


Matthew Toren's July 2, 2010 youngentrepreneur.com article has more on the subject.

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

Note that "calendar" will be considered an insufficiently knowledgeable answer by my extinguished panel of judges.

Wait a minute....

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