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December 21, 2010

Nike Footstickers — Makes Vibram Five Fingers look positively clunky


From Ufunk: "There are many advantages for bare feet in sports: better motion control, more feeling in your feet, and direct floor contact, among others."


"In this way you are more grounded and more aware of your feet and movements. It's also good for making your feet stronger."


"A disadvantage is the risk of injuries, as you can easily twist or slip. The Footsticker enhances physical activity and keeps the bare foot feeling. The flexible material feels like a second skin, giving you more grip, support, and protection."

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I'd get the 5fngers but they don't make them in my size :(

Posted by: clifyt | Dec 22, 2010 8:30:41 AM

clifyt, I've used Vibram FiveFingers for rock climbing and they are great (in fact I live in them at the weekend). The only minus is there's not much support so your feet get tired quicker from not having the load spread across the more supportive shoe. I think I'd prefer developing some decent callouses on my feet instead of wearing these things.

Posted by: Graeme | Dec 22, 2010 1:53:43 AM

Fabulous for mere daily walking (the dog).

I use Spira Coil Spring shoes, with two springs fore and one spring aft, but certain toes still get more pressure, in spite of an array of padded inserts.

These stickons will prevent friction between socks and flesh.

Posted by: Kay | Dec 21, 2010 9:49:45 PM

Obviously not meant for old bats with bad arches. Not that I know anyone like that...

Posted by: Becs | Dec 21, 2010 8:03:58 PM

These would be absolutely awesome. And I'm thinking of another sort of product in this vein...

I use to do a lot of rock climbing, and I have size 15 feet. The shoes that work well for climbing at a smaller foot size do not work well with the larger. Different physics and I don't really think there are many climbers with feet my size.

That said, I would take athletic tape as a foundation...wrap the tips of my toes to give as much leverage across the digits as possible. And then take a double sided gaffers tape for the grip. In the past, I've actually thought of liquid latex to build a temporary shoe that would cover only the taped areas.

If possible, I would climb nearly barefoot any day over wearing shoes. Much easier to get the toes into cracks, easier to find barely there extrusions to exert friction against.

If these ever made it to production, I'd love to see other sports looked at and create things that work well with this idea.

Posted by: clifyt | Dec 21, 2010 9:43:04 AM

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