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January 9, 2011

Chinese Masterpieces


Wrote Ken Johnson in a January 1, 2011 New York Times story, "Less thoughtfully considered in recent years is why people have been producing gratuitously beautiful, relatively useless objects for so many centuries."

Jar with Floral Scrolls and Wrapped-Cloth Design

"'Extravagant Display: Chinese Art in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries,' an enthralling exhibition mostly of domestic artifacts at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, offers an excellent occasion to ponder that question."


"... The show presents about 160 mostly desktop-scale works from the museum’s collections, including ornate boxes; carvings in wood, jade, amber, ivory and other semi-precious materials; ceramic vases; and lavishly embroidered silk kimonos used in royal theatrical performances. To pore over these objects is to be repeatedly astounded by the level of design and technical achievement. All these and many more pieces were produced by anonymous artisans in palace workshops in Beijing and other major art centers of the Qing dynasty (1644-1911)."

Inkstone with Phoenix  Design

From the show, pictured above from the top down: Parakeet; Jar with Floral Scrolls and Wrapped-Cloth Design (two views); Inkstone with Phoenix Design; Brush Holder.


See all the works on display here.

The show will be up through May 1, 2011.

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Engineer's Cheat Sheet T-Shirt


"This T-shirt, printed all over with engineering concepts, equations and hints, will help you solve your engineering problems."


100% cotton. 



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Best and Worst Jobs of 2011


"CareerCast rated 200 jobs based on income, working environment, stress, physical demands and job outlook, using data from the Labor Dept. and U.S. Census and researchers' own expertise."

Above, the top 50. Below,


the bottom 50.

[via the Wall Street Journal]

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LED Wrist Light — Frees your hands to work


From the website:


Locks on wrist and lets you work with your hands free in dark areas

On/off switch controls 4 LED lights within bracelet

Replaceable button cell batteries included.



Set of 2: $19.99.


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Life's Family Tree


Click on the graphic above to enlarge it and gain access to some of what it has to offer.

Click here or on the enhanced graphic below


to read the legend.

[via Richard Kashdan and The daily irrelevant]

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Scissors with Integrated Tape Measure


What took so long?

From the website:


2-in-1 scissors with tape measure make all of your cutting projects and tasks a breeze.

High-quality hand scissors have a retractable 3-foot-long measuring tape conveniently built into the handle for quick, accurate measurements.

Ideal for crafts, sewing, scrapbooking, school projects and more.

Made of ABS plastic with durable stainless steel blades.

Comes with protective blade cover.

8" long.





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The plastic surgeon who quilts


Her name is Dr. Ramona Bates.

The introduction to her blog begins, "I am a plastic surgeon in Little Rock, Arkansas. I may 'suture for a living,' but I 'live to sew.'"


More: "When I can, I sew. These days most of my sewing is piecing quilts. I love the patterns and interplay of the fabric color. I would like to explore writing about medical/surgical topics as well as sewing/quilting topics. I will do my best to make sure both are represented accurately as I share with both colleagues and the general public."


You can follow her active Twitter feed (over 21,000 tweets) here.

She's a friendly sort: "E-mail Me" (rlbatesmd@gmail.com) is prominently featured on her home page.


Above, details from her Ruched Roses Quilt, begun over three years ago and finally finished last year, as recounted in her post of December 31, 2010.

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Tank-Up Coffee Mug


From the website:



• Heat-sensitive fuel gauge turns red as you fill it with any hot liquid

• Microwave-safe ceramic

• Holds 16 oz.




[via Richard Kashdan]

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