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January 25, 2011

A history of gaming

By Florian Smolka.

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Lunch Bag


Waxed canvas with leather strap and tab and hammered solid copper rivets with leather washers.


Handmade by Chris Hughes at the Artifact Bag Co., his one-man operation in Omaha, Nebraska.


13.5"H open/10.5"H rolled; 8.5"W x 5"D.


Dark Khaki with brown leather: $45.


Olive with black leather: $45.


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Rahmen Emanuel


He's even got his own tmblr!

The Birthers got their pound of Democratic Party flesh indirectly yesterday via an Illinois Appelate Court decision throwing Emanuel off the ballet for mayor of Chicago on the grounds that he's a carpetbagger.

He's not worried, though: with William M. Daley at the apex of power it shouldn't take more than a phone call to make certain the Illinois Supreme Court overrules that decision in a Chicago 1960 presidential ballot minute.

As Daley told a USA Today reporter in a September 26, 2010 story, "Election days are not pretty."





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Antique Poison Label Magnets


One inch square.

Set of 4: $7.50.

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V-J Day in Times Square — in Color


From PetaPixel: Redditor and DeviantArt user Mygrapefruit took Alfred Eisenstaedt's famous photograph "V-J Day in Times Square" [below] and colorized it, giving us a glimpse into what the photo might have looked like had Eisenstaedt used color film. She writes:



How I did it: Photoshop CS 5, wacom tablet. Brush tool with Mode set to "Color". Sometimes I made finer selections in quick mask (press Q) to easily colour an area. I personally find this easy to do, it is only time consuming, especially if you feel the need to research the actual real colours (I found some vintage postcards of times square to figure out the colour of the buildings and some signs). The rest of the colours I guessed by using common sense.


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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

Hint: not metal.

Another: inorganic.

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Every now and then it's good to take a moment and have a look inside the sausage factory of life.

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Coffee and Tea Maker — Naoto Fukasawa


Released in Japan in 2007 and in the UK in 2009, but I'll be darned if any of the UK sites supposedly selling it have it listed.

"... has the capacity to serve six cups of coffee or tea. The water is filtered within 10 minutes, passing through a double-activated charcoal filter. One-hour automatic-off function."


24cm H x 17cm W x 12cm D; 0.76 litre capacity.

If anyone finds a source in the UK or the US, let me know and I'll add the information to this post.

[via Apartment Therapy Unplggd, Better Living Through Design and mappeal]

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