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January 26, 2011

Toy bear connects to your iPhone — and reads your tweets out loud

From iphonedownloadblog: "Tokyo-based toy maker WiZ Co. has created an electronic toy bear named Charatter that can hook up to your iPhone and read your tweets out loud, lip movements and all.

"Owners of the device can download a special app for their iPhone, plug in a cable, and watch the hilarity ensue as the bear repeats your tweets aloud.

"One of the main issues with the bear is the lack of a volume adjustment button, meaning that if you’re a regular recipient of embarrassing tweets, you might want to defer."


FunFact: Charatter even has his own Twitter account, @charatter_PR.

[via Richard Kashdan and the Wall Street Journal]

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Might, perchance, be produced by the same manufacturer as the "Food-Lifter"? I'm loath even to mention the device. So, then why did I?

Posted by: Kay | Jan 26, 2011 8:30:23 PM

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