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February 1, 2011

John Barry is dead at 77

He died of undisclosed causes Sunday in New York.

For those who are old enough to remember first hearing his iconic theme song for "Goldfinger" (1964) in a movie theater, your wish

is my demand.

From Adam Bernstein's obituary today's Washington Post: "Bond producer Harry Saltzman, Mr. Barry once recalled, had initially called the 'Goldfinger' theme the worst song he'd ever heard."

"After the song became a hit, Mr. Barry said a chastened Saltzman thanked him. His friend [Terence] Stamp was there at the time and shouted a very long obscenity. 'It was so theatrical, everyone was on the floor and Harry just continued walking out the door,' Mr. Barry said. 'I remember everything about that moment of triumph.'"


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Chikutan Sticks (White Charcoal)


From the website:


Sort of Coal — Chikutan Sticks Are Popular in High-End Japanese Bars

The purifying ability of White Charcoal is a natural phenomenon known and used in Japan for several centuries.

White Charcoal is naturally activated by a controlled burning process based on traditional Japanese methods.

Use one to stir your beverage and the charcoal will absorb the impurities in alcohol or tea for a purer taste.

Though they look black, they are called "White Charcoal" because of their purifying ability and white shine.

Note that Chikutan sticks are fragile and should be handled like porcelain.

These White Charcoal Chikutan sticks are made from Japanese bamboo.

Before use, scald with boiling water.

They're also a great water purifier.




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Coinstar x PES

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Love Bones Hoodie — Be my Valentine?



Blue or Orange.


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View From Your Window: The Game


Wrote Rob Walker in his "Consumed" column in the December 30, 2010 New York Times magazine,


"You are shown a single image


and have to deduce where it was made by clicking on a map,


which gradually narrows your choices."


Free, the way we like it.


Fair warning: there goes the day.

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Mother and child bag






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A Brief History of Hip-Hop

Featuring French beatboxer EKLIPS in a four-minute-long survey for Trace Urban — in one take.

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Limited-edition Iron Bowl


From the website:


A master forger of nambu tetsu, or traditional cast iron, Nobuho Miya works from his Kamasada ironware studio, founded by one of his ancestors in the Meiji era.

His work has been exhibited worldwide, as far afield as New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The production process involved in the creation of this jet-black, cast-iron bowl requires over 40 steps.

Thanks to its lacquer glaze, it will never rust.

14cm Ø x 8.5cm H.

Weight: 950g




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