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February 15, 2011

The Foundling Museum


"More than 4,000 babies were left at the London Foundling Hospital between 1741 and 1760."


"A small object or token,


usually a piece of fabric,


was kept as an identifying record.


This is a touching online-only exhibition


of the contents of the museum’s fabric archives,


photographed in exquisite detail


so that you can see the threads."


[via Milena]

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Otoko Kaoru (Good-Smelling Man) Fragrant Shirt


From Japan PulseThe Otoku Kaoru (Good-Smelling Man) Fragrant Shirt [above and below] was released for sale in Japan just last month and is attracting a lot of attention from retailers who have snapped up the first run of these sweet smelling garments. A tie-in with Otoko Kaoru chewing gum, the collar of the shirt, when rubbed against the skin, releases the gum's rose and menthol fragrance."


"Rose-scented micro-capsules are embedded in the shirt's collar and if they're rubbed or put under pressure they break, releasing a liquid that evaporates into the surrounding air around. The scent is designed to be subtle rather than overpowering, and can only be smelled when the shirt is worn. It will also gradually lose its potency over time: the manufacturer claims it's good for around 10 washes, after which the smell fades completely."


¥3,045 ($36).

[via Yogesh Kulpe and The Earth Times]

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Baby, you can drive my... Pagani?


From today's USA Today: "Pagani, which has made cars in a village outside Modena, Italy, for a decade, will announce today that it is entering the U.S. market with a model called the Huayra [a South American god of wind]."


The 700-horsepower two-seater (above and below) will cost $1.1 million.

36 of the bespoke cars will be made, double last year's model's output.


zoom Zoom ZOOM!

Slide show here.


Am I the only one who thinks that if you removed all the lights, you'd be hard-pressed to say which is the front end?

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Pulse Rate Monitor Bar


"Baton-style pulse monitor bar allows an entire class to check pulse rates in a short period of time."

"Simply grasp bar, read pulse and pass to the next person."


[via 7gadgets]

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World's most useless machine


[via Delusion Showtime!, Odd Resonance and LAG]

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Body Crayons


From the website:


Prepare to have your face and body slathered in a coat of crayon and this time Mom's not gonna yell at you.

These supercool Body Crayons are easy to use and will look superwild on you.

You can draw maps to the treasure of Atlantis on your legs.


You can even draw a still life on your face.

Draw a mouse eating cheese on your cheek.

It's time you got back to being a baby.

Remove with tissues or wipe off with soapy water.

Non-suitable for children under 6 years old.



Set of 6 (Yellow, Black, Green, White, Red, Blue): $9.99.

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875 TEDTalks in a neat spreadsheet


When I looked just now the spreadsheet had defaulted to "Viewing in simple list mode due to high traffic to this document."

Fair warning: there goes the rest of your life.

[via Open Culture]

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What's in the boxes?


Answer here tomorrow.


Hint: the individual boxes are smaller than a breadbox.


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