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February 13, 2011

MObile REagents (MORE) for the iPad


"Access to over 5 million molecules and 11 million chemical product variations offered by more than 50 different suppliers."


Try 'em all!


Free, the way we like it.


Fair warning: there goes the building.


[via Richard Kashdan]

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This app is crucial to more than just chemists and engineers. Add a copy of CRC Lab Safety Manual and access to the EPA chemical references page (here: http://bit.ly/gjZEWQ ) together with the EPA Envirofacts database, here: http://bit.ly/gaZ7MS , and you can check the labels of your food and household chemicals for substances you would be better off not coming in contact with...

Though they seem similar, o-Anisic acid, ortho-methoxybenzoic acid, or 2-methoxybenzoic acid are entirely different from o-Arsinic acid, methylarsonic acid, dimethylarsinic acid, and N-(phosphonomethyl) arsinic acid.

Have Nutgrass as a weed in your lawn? Read that herbicide package and you'll find those Arsinic acids listed. They contain an element, Arsenic. Arsenic does not degrade (it's an element!), it accumulates in human tissue, runs off into the water supply and it is quite dangerous to nearly every living thing. Are a few weeds really worth risking your life?

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