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February 5, 2011

Top 10 Websites Blocked by Businesses in 2010


From The Huffington Post: "Cyberslacking can be a real drag on companies. The solution for many firms seems to be to simply block the websites on which they believe their employees will waste the most time. Studies have shown social media to be a major time sink, as well online games and personal email."

"A study from DNS-resolution service OpenDNS, '2010 Report: Web Content Filtering and Phishing,' details just what sites companies were most likely to block last year...."


1. Facebook — 23%

2. MySpace — 13%

3. YouTube — 11.9%

4. Ad.Doubleclick — 5.7%

5. Twitter — 4.2%

6. Hotmail — 2.1%

7. Orkut — 2.1%

8. Ad.Yieldmanager — 1.8%

9. Meebo — 1.6%

10. eBay — 1.6% 


Me, I'm still flying under the radar.

But then, as Richard Feynman memorably titled his classic 1959 lecture (in another context entirely, to be sure) about the coming new new thing in physics (nanotechnology), "There's plenty of room at the bottom."

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I think some companies just do not get it! As an example the last firm I worked for the head of IT told someone they had breached the anti porn code by accessing http://www.excite.co.uk/, she had not looked at it and just assumed it was porn related. I had to explain to her that it was actually a portal like Google.

Posted by: Paul | Feb 7, 2011 7:58:06 AM

"Cyberslacking can be a real drag on companies. The solution for many firms seems to be to simply block the websites on which they believe their employees will waste the most time."

Yeah...almost any study on employee productivity shows that an employee can only work about about 60% of the time before burn out occurs and productivity goes away.

If you have a production level job...and some of the higher end jobs are still production regardless of how much education you have...you can get away with the 100%...but you are going to find burn out and low personal satisfaction.

The problem is, most companies want creativity and otherwise from their employees. And as such, you need a little personal time to debrief. Bad middle managers don't understand this. And bad employees are too afraid to stand up to their employers. I had one job that expected me to be productive 100% of the time, and I ended up telling them that they got the productivity based on the compensation they are paying me and if they didn't like it, they could come up with new arrangements for my employment. Sadly, I never got unemployment out of that because I quit on my own a few weeks later...and sadly, they realized after I left I was doing the job of 4 employees -- even being a slack ass.

"Men are basically smart or dumb and lazy or ambitious. The dumb and ambitious ones are dangerous and I get rid of them. The dumb and lazy ones I give mundane duties. The smart ambitious ones I put on my staff. The smart and lazy ones I make my commanders." -- Field Marshall Rommel

Posted by: clifyt | Feb 5, 2011 8:24:51 PM

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