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February 17, 2011

What was Jonathan Adler doing in Lady Gaga's Grammy egg?


This past Monday morning, reading the New York Times' Arts section, I turned to page 7 and right where Lady Gaga should've been, instead I saw someone named Jonathan Adler (if you can read backwards you'll note his name under his picture) inside the egg within which Lady Gaga made her entrance into Sunday night's Grammy Awards.


No doubt this was the result of a lot of light from my yard shining in through the window directly in front of the paper, rendering page 8's image visible in reverse when viewed from the vantage point of page 7.

No matter.

I had my crack research team investigate and they learned that Adler is a designer known for his "happy chic" approach to home furnishings.

And thus endeth the story of how Jonathan Adler found himself inside Lady Gaga's egg.

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