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March 1, 2011

Who wears short shorts? It pays to advertise


From LikeCool: "The ad agency DDB Auckland altered benches to press an advertisement for Superette, a New Zealand clothing chain, into the bare legs of people who sit on them."

"They read 'Short shorts on sale Superette.'"

I've already got my crack advertising team on this, preparing Charlottesville's downtown mall benches for a bookofjoe summer.


Gives a whole new meaning to "bench press."

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Tiffany — Laurence Dacade


The Paris-based designer's new mesh shoe was "inspired by the scent of rose gardens... and is gracefully adorned with a trellis of satin petals," wrote Chelsea Zalopany in this past Sunday's New York Times T Magazine.

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Where is this?


And what is it?

Answer here this time tomorrow.

Hint: not in Japan.

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MagicWand Apple Keyboard+Trackpad Unifier — One tool to control them all

From TwelveSouth


comes this nifty device


said to combine


"your wireless Apple Keyboard and Magic Trackpad into one... unit."





[via thenextweb.com]

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"Paris Ooh La La" — Grace Potter & the Nocturnals

Never heard of this group or song until this morning when Caroline sent me the link adding, "Love this song. Think you will like it also!"

Good call.

Potter sounds like the love child of Grace Slick and Nancy Wilson.

Here's a link to the version I received via email.


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Furniture Leg Chew Toy


Designed by Jennifer Yoko Olson.

"Functional natural rubber wraps around wooden furniture legs."


28cm H x 10cm x 7cm (11" x 4" x 3").

Cream, Fuchsia, Purple, Brown, or Turquoise.



[via Svpply]

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Something is happening and you don't what it is, do you Mr. joe?


My mantra.

No matter, things are changing around here, I hope for the good but you only know if that's the case in retrospect.

I'm not the first to twig to this — consider, from "Hamlet" [Act II, Scene II]: "For there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."

The guiding force behind the changes around here is my decision to try to make bookofjoe less static and more alive.

Interactive is the buzz word, I guess.

To that end, the little buttons at the bottom of each post, which to date haven't quite sorted themselves out:


They will, though, and when that happens they'll look like this:


Just something to do if you're in the mood for something to do.

Last month I think it was the far right sidebar that changed its order of battle, such that I moved my photo down from the top right corner and elevated the comments section, often the most interesting feature of boj.

Don't be surprised if my photo keeps on descending and/or finally departs from the page entirely.

But as the Arab proverb says, "One door closes, another opens."

Observant types may have noticed that a few days ago the miniMe icon appeared next to the URL in the browser window [top].

It was there for years but then disappeared for reasons unknown a while back and when I got to starting to change stuff up I decided to bring it back so there it is.

Other new things are in the pipeline so stay tuned.


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Bike Desk


"PIT IN is a table for a bicycle whose seat then functions as a chair."


"Sitting on the saddle of the bicycle you can take a coffee break, check emails on your phone or laptop, and so on."


Plywood; 71cm L x 90cm D x 115cm H (28" x 35" x 45").

Apply within.

[via Svpply]

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