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March 3, 2011

Muhammad Ali in 3-D

Wrote Rachel Somerstein in a March 2011 Wired Magazine story, " If you're making a monument to the Greatest, it better be really great. So for his portrait of three-time heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, artist Michael Kalish went big, using 1,300 punching bags, 6.5 miles of stainless steel cable, and 2,500 pounds of aluminum pipe to construct a 22-foot-high installation that took three years to complete."


"The idea for the project came to Kalish as he was falling asleep one night in 2008: an array of custom-made, teardrop-shaped speed bags suspended in midair that, from just one vantage point, align themselves like pixels into an image of Ali's face."


"But the LA-based artist, best known for crafting portraits of American icons out of license plates and other found objects—he counts Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger among his collectors—knew he couldn't construct such a large-scale installation on his own."


"So he retained architectural firm Oyler Wu to design the structure in which the bags are suspended. (At the unveiling ceremony on March 25, 2011, Ali will hang the final bag.)"


"With its interlocking legs and curving pipes, the resultant work, slated to go on view in March at LA's Nokia Plaza, looks 'effortlessly simple' and has a subtle shine, architect Jenny Wu says. As you walk around the sculpture, you’ll just see interesting hanging bags"


"Step directly in front, however, and pow! Ali's visage hits you like a punch in the face."

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Miniature Clothespins



"One-inch long miniature natural wood clothespins."


Bag of 50: $1.50.

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Off-roading in the FF, Ferrari's new AWD family car

Ferrrari just unveiled its first-ever all-wheel drive family car, the 2012 FF four-seater, at the Geneva auto show.

The car has a 6.3-liter 660hp direct injection V-12 and does 0-60 in 3.7 seconds (not on snow).

It's not for all families, mind you — list price is $400,000.

The point of the snow and desert demonstrations is to attract more buyers from such places as Russia and Brazil, where roads may not always be compatible with Ferrari's typical inches of ground clearance.

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Carbon Fiber-Look Vinyl


From the website:



Do you want a carbon fiber look, without the high cost of carbon fiber?

The hands-down best alternative in the market is 3M's DI-NOC CA-421 carbon fiber film.

This is a vinyl product which we import from Japan that actually features a carbon-textured finish.


It's not just a printed carbon pattern: this texture closely resembles the look of dry carbon fiber and the weave reflects light the same way carbon fiber would.

Also check out Carbon Fiber Film, our site dedicated specifically to carbon fiber DI-NOC, with information, videos, picture galleries and more.


From $8.

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Notes on watching "True Grit" (1969 version) 24 hours after finishing the book

I concluded leg two of my 2011 "True Grit" Multimedia Extravaganza last night, watching John Wayne's Best Actor Academy Award-winning performance in the 1969 film (trailer above).

The previous night I'd finished reading Charles Portis's masterful, enchanting 1968 novel.

Long review short: the movie was a huge letdown after the experience of the book.

Kim Darby as Mattie Ross is woefully miscast: she's got a hundred-dollar haircut throughout the film, which takes place on the frontier in 19th century America: not likely.

Besides which her clothes are always fashionable and never get dirty.

And her nails are perfect.

She also looks about 20 years old (she was in fact 21 when she made the film), not even remotely close to the 14-year-old Mattie Ross of Portis's book.

I hope the 2010 Coen Brothers' movie (trailer below),

a Best Picture Oscar nominee, does more justice to the tale.

I will not suffer liberties being taken.

Oops, Mattie Ross just ate my brain.

Never mind. 

I will report here on my experience after I see it.

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What are they?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

Hint: inedible.

Another: "not suitable for pacemaker wearers."

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Return To Mind — Virtual Time Machine


What's this?

Just in from Marcus Reimold, who creates websites faster than I can write about them.

Talk about two guys at the antipodes of the tech spectrum....


Hi Joe,

Do you remember how you wore you hair at school?

What music served as a background for your first kiss?

How extravagant our clothes were in the 80s?

Today ReturnToMind is launched as a place to remember and discuss all such things, and to discover photos and videos from the past that would remind us of the moments of our own childhood, youth or even not so distant past.

ReturnToMind is a place to spend a few lazy hours in nostalgia — or laughing at how ridiculous we used to be.

I will appreciate it if you consider coverage of the new project to get more people sharing their memories on the site.

Visit http://returntomind.com to spend some time in the past.

Thank you for your time!




My clothes are still extravagant and I'm still ridiculous; otherwise, he's spot-on.


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World's narrowest (5mm) double-sided tape


From the website:



This is the narrowest double-sided tape in the world, perfect for miniature attachment tasks.

Cut just the length you need to mount photos, die-cuts, or frames on any scrapbook page.

Using this double-sided tape is a quick, efficient, no-mess alternative to glue for light-duty attaching and mounting tasks.

Brilliant for attaching inserts to cards or fastening ribbons to cards, and for sealing apertures on cards.

The tape features permanent adhesive on both sides and a liner for ease of use and usually is not visible in the end product, due to it actually being in between the objects being taped, rather than overlaying them.

This allows for neater looking projects and better craftsmanship.

Suitable for all general craft use.

Dimensions: 5mm x 15m (0.2" x 591").



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