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March 8, 2011

Gray Cat's Rite of Spring


The pictures above and below were taken 20 minutes ago out back in my yard.


I liked so many from the session that, for the first time ever, instead of just posting several and deleting the rest, I decided to try putting them all up on flickr so anyone who wanted could look at them all to their heart's content.


Talk about TechnoDolt™-friendly: from the moment I went to my flickr page (I'd signed up for an account on February 23, 2007, but hadn't ever put up any pictures) till all 14 pictures were uploaded and ready for viewing took about four minutes.

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Cuff Bracelet with Chains


By Hamburg-based The Girl and The Gorilla.

50% wool/50% silk.



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Helpful Hints from joeeze: How to repeat a song on the Gen 6 iPod nano


Often when I'm out running, just the right song comes on and I want it to play over and over again for the remainder of my outing.

But I've been confounded as to how to make that happen.

Until the penny finally dropped yesterday and I put "How to make a song repeat on iPod nano 6th generation?" into the Google search box, which returned the following answer that even I could understand and make work.


1. When a song is playing, go to the "Now Playing" button [below]


on the home menu, slide to the volume screen, and you'll see on the far left an icon that with two arrows [top].

2. Touch the icon once for Repeat All, twice for Repeat One, and three times to undo the repeat.

3.* When Repeat One has been activated, a "1" will appear superimposed on the double-arrow icon:



[via Yahoo! Answers]

*3. Is my addition to the instructions; it did not appear in the Yahoo!Answers response but, rather, was something I observed during my ascent (with carabiners, rope, helmet and GPS) of the learning curve.


For reference, the complete 85-page iPod nano Gen 6 user manual is here.

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English Major Hoodie


"Proclaim your allegiance to the value of a liberal arts education with our collegiate English Major Hoodie."

Does Elizabeth Sterzinger have one of these?

Her homies should take up a collection and buy one for her next birthday.


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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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Hieroglyphics Tie — Dress like an Egyptian


100% silk.


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Dog Park Finder iPhone/iPad app


"Dog Park Finder, powered by three years of DogParkUSA.com editorial research, user photos and reviews, gives you all the information you need for a quick trip to the dog park or a vacation across the country."


Free, the way we like it.



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Twilight Turtle


From the website:


Adorable and educational, this unique nightlight projects a starry sky — including eight real constellations — onto the ceiling of your child's bedroom.

Measuring 12" from plush head to tail, 7" across his sturdy shell, and 4" tall, Twilight Turtle offers three options for starlight colors: amber, blue, or green.

The little guy comes with three AAA batteries, an automatic switch-off function, and a star guide to help you find the constellations with your young stargazer.

For ages 3 and up.


"... your child's..."? Speak for yourself.

"Ages 3 and up" puts this turtle right in this blog's sweet spot.


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