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March 15, 2011

Secretariat's epic race — 1973 Belmont Stakes

"He is moving like a tremendous machine." — Chic Anderson's legendary call.

Watching it never fails to thrill me.


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Lambswool Pencil Scarf






[via Svpply]

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Bestseller list for the week you were born


"Note that if your birthday was before 1950, the best sellers for your birth year will be listed."

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Disgraced German Minister of Defense Guttenberg transfers power while military band plays "Smoke On The Water"

You couldn't make it up.

In one of the strangest events I've seen in some time, German Minister of Defence Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, who resigned after it was discovered he'd plagiarized his 2006 doctoral thesis, handed over his office last week.

Wrote Michael Kimmelman in today's New York Times,"Mr. Guttenberg formally transferred power to a new defense minister on Thursday evening in a slightly weird torch-lit military ceremony in which the outgoing minister traditionally chooses the music.

"Mr. Guttenberg picked AC/DC.

"The head conductor of the military band said that request 'just totally breaks the mold of our music styles,' and substituted Deep Purple instead.

"The song was 'Smoke on the Water.'" 

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Raphael Vicenzi aka Mydeadpony


From Trendland:


"Raphael Vicenzi aka Mydeadpony is a self-taught artist from Belgium whose mixed-media illustration and watercolor techniques are influenced by fashion, street art and graffiti.


Mixing digital media, painting and sketches and drawing on watercolors, splotches and textures, he creates immensely detailed images [above and below]


that are both meticulous and ethereal."



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Universal Wrapping Paper


"This paper has text


for many occasions,


holidays and people."


Designed by Fabio Milito and Francesca Guidotti.


[via David AireyRichard Kashdan and TheDieline]

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I ♥ my readers

11 33

I almost fell off the treadmill yesterday during a morning drive-by past my Kindle blog account.

bookofjoe Kindle Edition went live during the summer of 2009 at which time I immediately picked up 4 subscribers who've stayed with me since.

Alas, that was the extent of my Kindle readership for going on two years — until yesterday, when I saw that overnight my subscriber base had doubled to 8.


No doubt putting a direct link to Kindle blogs on boj two weeks ago (right under the "Comments" section) to make it simple to subscribe played a large role in the sudden uptick.

Thank you all, both long-time fans and newcomers, for your patronage.

They say you know people like something when they're willing to pay for it: how about when they're willing to pay — $1.99/month, "less than 7¢ a day" as they might say on TV, but I digress — for something they can get for free, as is the case with boj?

That's really something.


Feel free to hop on the bandwagon: it's so easy even a TechnoDolt™ can do it: just click on "Kindle Edition" under the comments section and you're there.




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CD Slot-Mounting Phone/GPS Holder


Horace Chan reviewed this device in the current edition of Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools, edited by Oliver Hulland, as follows.



After I bought my smartphone, I wanted to find the best way to play MP3s and navigate with the built-in GPS when I am driving. Since then I have been searching for the best car mount. There are two common types of phone mount on the market: a suction cup that sticks to the wind shield, or flimsy clips that attach to the air vents. I have tried both and found them to be inadequate and imperfect solutions. 


I did some research and came across a mount that uses the CD slot. This is especially useful as I no longer use the CD player (which remains usable when not employing this device). I have found that it is the perfect place to mount my smartphone. The MK5000 phone mount is very sturdy, and it has an adjustable blade than I can slide inside the CD slot and lock tight. The mount supports vertical and horizontal rotation for easy screen orientation. It is adjustable and fits devices of different sizes.


I have been using the mount for a couple of months and it works very well. Every day when I hop into my car, I place my smart phone onto the mount and it holds really well. The only downside I have found is that it is more expensive than some of the other mounts, but it is definitely worth it.




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