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March 22, 2011

My new computer is a 50" plasma


Can't wait to try out HD mirroring, a nifty new feature of the iPad 2.

Long story short: you connect your iPad to your HDTV with an HDMI cable — and whatever's on your iPad screen appears on your TV in real time, at full resolution and frame rate, such that you can use it as a giant desktop computer monitor.

This would appear to let you control your TV with finger gestures on the iPad, as opposed to the idiotstick remotes I'm currently saddled with.

No reason not to order the necessary adapter today in anticipation of the eventual iPad 2 acquisition so I can hook it up on Day 1.

Note to self: make certain to also get at least a 9-foot-long HDMI cable so I can enjoy this cool feature from my favorite spot on the couch.

[via Andy Ihnatko's Twitter]


Note added at 12:58 p.m. March 25, 2011: my AV adapter (or adaptor: both are acceptable spellings in the U.S.) arrived a minute ago.

I connected it to my iPad 1 and an HDMI cable directly to my TV just to see what would happen.

Long story short: the TV plays YouTube videos that appear on the iPad, either from the YouTube website or my blog — but that's it.

NO mirroring as described above.

And since my iPad's running iOS 4.3 it's not a matter of the wrong operationg system, but rather a function of something native to the iPad 2.

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Rain Gauge Boots


That's different.


Designed by Stephano Piravano in 2000.


Handmade in Italy.


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No such thing as a free lunch? How about free New York Times?



What's this?

It came in just after 12 noon today.

I didn't take too long to click 'cause it's not that often great things fall out of the sky around here.


And in about five seconds I had activated free unlimited access to the New York Times online — for the rest of the year.

You could look it up — so I did:


22 33

The way we like it.

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"nobody puts baby in a corner" ring


925 silver.


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StubStory.com — Maybe now they'll believe you were really there


Wrote Luke O'Neil in a Wall Street Journal story, "You've been holding on to those old ticket stubs for a reason — if you have a scanner and a computer, it's time to earn some retroactive bragging rights."

Speaking of which, it just occurred to me: why should you need a separate scanner?

Why can't you lay a document on your computer screen and scan it?

Bet that happens soon.

I know I'd I'd buy one.

O'Neil's WSJ story continued, "That's the beauty of the site: it lets the faceless names in the crowd assert their own place in historic events.... If we've learned one thing from the barrage of status updates from our friends at concert venues and sports arenas lately, it's that the only thing better than going to a memorable live event is being able to brag to everybody who isn't present that you scored tickets."

"If you're like the users of... StubStory.com, you'll take the ticket stubs you've been keeping for sentimental reasons, scan them, post your memories online and garner all the retroactive cred you've been missing out on."

"But years later, none of those cherished ticket stubs end up being exactly alike either in appearance or personal significance. That's the beauty of the site: It lets the faceless names in the crowd assert their own place in historic events."

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BehindTheMedspeak: No!No!Skin Pimple Zapper


Wrote Hilary Howard in a New York Times item, "A new pimple zapper has been cleared by the F.D.A. The palm-size device... uses pulses of light that penetrate into the problem area to kill bacteria and soothe inflammation and redness, according to Radiancy, the manufacturer. The 10-second treatment is meant for mild to moderate acne and eliminates the need for topical medications, the company says."


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Wasabi Kit-Kat


Ummm, wasabi. And that's not all: how about purple sweet potato (below),


macha (green tea), cheesecake, soy sauce, annin dofu (a Japanese dessert with almonds), caramelized sweet potato, and yellow sweet potato?


According to Ufunk, "They're all good and tasty!"


[via Design You Trust]

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Mathematician's Dice

This Kickstarter project proved wildly popular.

Wrote creator Matt Chisholm: "The Mathematician's Dice are dice designed for mathematicians. Rather than the relatively boring numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, these dice are jam-packed with the six most important numbers in mathematics. They have: the imaginary number i; the additive identity 0, the multiplicative identity 1, the golden ratio φ (1.618...); Euler's number e (2.718...); and the circular constant π (3.141...)."

"I had a few test dice manufactured, and they look great. They are real, standard-sized acrylic dice with symbols engraved in black. And yes, they are balanced."

Chisholm priced them at $5 apiece and raised nearly nine times the $2,000 he needed to get his project off the ground.

Nicely done.

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