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March 24, 2011

Today is a Great Day to Fail

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"Pulp Fiction" Action Figures







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Best peanut butter? Skippy Creamy & Jif Crunchy


Hey, don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger.

In yesterday's USA Today Nanci Helmich reported on the results of Cook's Illustrated's week-long peanut butter taste-off, which involved 21 staff members —including the magazine's test cooks — sampling 10 brands of creamy peanut butter and seven brands of crunchy in blind tastings.


"We do a couple of hundred taste tests a year, and there is nothing that brings out as much passion as peanut butter," said Jack Bishop, the magazine's editorial director and one of the stars of "America's Test Kitchen."



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Balenciaga Striped T-Shirt


"Cotton blend,


cutaway detailing,


unfinished hems."



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Kodo (鼓童) O-Daiko — "Lords of the Drum"

I saw them live and these videos don't begin to transmit the ecstatic vibrational power of hearing and seeing them in person.

The group concluded its 30th Anniversary North American Tour earlier this week in New York but they'll return.

Highly recommended.

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Blasharmonika Triola 12 — Entry Level Wind Instrument (Visual Recorder)


• Ideal for small children and those with learning difficulties or disabilities

• Series of 8 tones begins with C and ends at C, a full octave

• Each color tone is identifiable by sight and sound

• Includes sheet music of children's songs

• Total of 12 tones


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Emoticons 6.0


Wrote Alexis Madrigal in a March 9, 2011 post on atlantic.com, "The Unicode Consortium controls the standards that govern how text is displayed on the world's computers, which means, of course, that they must define the world's emoticons. Last month, they released the newest version of the standard, 6.0. It features this lovely and definitive chart [above] of recognized emoticons."


An explanatory PDF may be downloaded by clicking on the top link on this page.

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'Til Death Do Us Part Ring


Designed by Kate Bauman, who writes, "Why have one engagement ring when you can have four? Handmade from sterling silver, the ring features four perfect cubic zirconia crystals and features elaborate detailing."

"Note that all four rings are the same size, so you should select the ring size that fits your largest finger."

4"W x 3"H x 0.25"D.



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