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March 27, 2011

Indi Cowie's Magic

Excerpts from Tim Crothers' article in today's New York Times Magazine follow.


Last spring, Indie Cowie performed her freestyle soccer routine for 76,000 fans during halftime at a Chelsea-Manchester United match in Manchester.... This 16-year-old does things that no other girl on the planet can do.


Indi Armstrong Cowie learned to walk chasing a soccer ball. At 10 she played on a coed team and once scored all seven goals in a 7-6 win. By that time, Cowie could juggle the ball 2,000 times without stopping.

Her most remarkable talent, and the one that has garnered her the most fame, is freestyle. "Indi is by far the most advanced female freestyler in the world that I’ve seen," says Dan Magness, who holds several Guinness world records in the sport. "Her videos include tricks no other girls are doing. My daughter watches them and wants to be like Indi."

She practices for at least 90 minutes a day and wears through a pair of specialized freestyling sneakers every month. The family garage is her laboratory.

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What are they?


Answer here this time tomorrow.


Hint: they require no tool to act as intended.

Another: silicone.

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Chinese Vogue


Above, the latest issue, with cover photography by David Slijper.

[via Coverjunkie]

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Gecko Rack


From the website:


A rack designed in the shape of a typical gecko, made from laser-cut quality metal and easily attached to a wall using two concealed screws.

The gecko's tail is used for hanging small items like towels, bags, etc.

9cm x 18 cm.







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In search of an anamorphic tattoo


Wrote Flautist in a comment on yesterday's Tattoo Machine post, "There must be, somewhere, someone doing tats that are designed to fall into place, if you will, when the tattooee reaches an age where the skin has sagged & stretched to its final (living) destination. So that on young & bouncy butts & bosoms, the design is fetching but makes no sense, but the aged, lengthened 'canvas' reveals a planned masterpiece. Makes me think a little of a backwards version of the anamorphic skull [below] that Holbein [the Younger] used in 'The Ambassadors' [top]. Oh nevermind."


I was completely taken with Flautist's conceit and wonder if indeed such tattoo art is being performed, even if it's in a secure, undisclosed location.


Anyone who is or knows of such a practitioner, please get in touch with me because I would love to feature such work here.

Hey, it beats paying for advertising.

Maybe on a planet far, far away....

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NO Sign


Does David Spade no about this?


20.4cm H x 14cm W.





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camelcamelcamel — Amazon price tracker


"A free* Amazon price tracker. Get email alerts when prices drop."

"camelcamelcamel provides free Amazon price drop alerts and Amazon price history charts, helping you buy when the price is right."

*The way we like it.

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Pretzel Key Ring


Carabiner-style opening mechanism.




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