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March 14, 2011

iPad 2 Virtual Window

Created by John Leung of ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects of Melbourne, Australia who wrote, "How can we integrate the new iPad 2 into architecture and fully utilise its new features to achieve things that were not possible on the original iPad?"


"Introducing the iPad 2 Window: the most affordable and simple solution to a virtual window for your building interior. Using a specially designed App, the new camera and the powerful A5 processor, the iPad can track the face of any passer-by and adjust the onscreen image accordingly. In first person perspective, an illusion of a real window with outside scenery will appear. Since special 3D glasses are not required, this illusion is best achieved when only one user is looking at the iPad at one time. The user can also change the scenery with an iPhone and connect with friends through this window."


"By integrating the iPad 2 with architecture, it creates a visual connection between two physically separated spaces. As a nod to the environment, we will be upcycling refurbished iPad 2s for this project, taking the functionality of the iPad beyond just a personal tablet in the post-PC world."

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