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March 13, 2011



The site went live Friday.

It's a database that makes public "the types of injury and death reports that the Consumer Product Safety Commission has gathered for years, but that have largely remained out of public view," wrote Andrew Martin in a March 11, 2011 New York Times article.

"Consumers will also be able to file complaints on the web site for all types of products except for food, drugs, cosmetics, cars and guns."

I guess we know who's got lobbying power — and money to burn to selectively keep the lid on.

Anyway, something is better than nothing in this area.

Said Rachel Weintraub, director of product safety at the Consumer Federation of America, an advocacy group, "They [consumers] either never find out or find out when it's too late."

Note that you can't search reports from other consumers until early April because manufacturers are allowed 10 days to respond before a report is even posted.

Note also that manufacturers and some members of Congress are trying to strip the database of financing and shut it down ASAP.

So have fun while the music's playing 'cause the band may take a break, step outside for a cigarette and start walking.

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