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March 21, 2011

Spine Bangle and Ring


Love them.

Designer unknown.

If anyone (including the designer/maker) has a clue, let me know so I can credit the work properly.

[via What Alice Found, cradle to grave, Caves of Lilith and not a banana baton]


Note added at 3:02 p.m. today: Kathryn Blackmore, founder/proprietor of jeweler thevamoose, just emailed as follows: "At first I thought it was this until I realized Ayaka Nishi's piece has much smoother metalwork. Drives me crazy trying to credit images from tumblr. Good job we have TinEye...."

My Crack Research Team drilled down on the link so kindly provided by Ms. Blackmore and was taken here, a February 7, 2011 post on Amanda Shadforth's website Oracle Fox headlined "Bjorg Jewellery 2011."



the fifth image down from the top.

Above and below that graphic are a number of other striking pieces by Bjorg.

The bangle, made from 925 silver, costs €798.

The ring, also 925 silver, is €357.

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