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April 6, 2011

"Take Me Out To The Ball Game" — Edward Meeker's 1908 recording

Performed with the Edison Orchestra, the September 1908 recording features the original lyrics, "including the rarely heard second verse, which... reminds us that the song is about a baseball-loving woman."

The Library of Congress announced today that the recording is among 25 "culturally, historically or aesthetically significant" entries that have been added to the National Recording Registry.

[via the New York Times]

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Measuring Tape Toilet Roll


From the website: "No matter what you decide to measure you'll be relieved at the thought that everything within reach of the toilet can now be catalogued accurately. How many sheets does it take to get to the door? How long is your hand? How long is the plunger? For those of us who take pride in our loo activities, or are simply looking for something else to do while on the spot, then the Measuring Tape Toilet Roll is certainly an essential."


What's that old saying... "Marry in haste, measure at your leisure?"

You say that's not it?

Go away.


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Big Map Blog


"Interesting maps,


historical maps,




above all,




[via Richard Kashdan]

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Bat Clothespins


13 for $18.


[via Hurricane Vanessa and What The Cool]

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WhatFont tells you what font is being used on text you hover over


Endless fun for the easily amused.

Studies have shown that over 97% of boj readers are easily amused.

But then, they'd almost have to be, wouldn't they?

[via @jasonsantamaria]

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Japanese House Wedge


Designed by Belgian industrial-design-trained Joachim de Callatay for his first collection, it "was inspired by the construction of a traditional Japanese house."

[via Alix Browne and the New York Times]

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What are they?


Answer here this time tomorrow.



You say you need a clue?

Take the train.


OK, OK, sorry.

Here's a hint: inedible.

joe, that's stoopid: obviously it's not a macaron.

Let's see, let me think...

How about this one: not meant for use on the golf course.

I can't speak for you but I'm rapidly getting tired of this nonsense.

Do your best with what's in the room, would be my advice, and check back with me mañana.

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Limited-Edition Bell & Ross Aviation BR 01-92 Radar Watch


"Disk-based display system."

500 pieces.

$4,900 (free shipping).

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