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April 19, 2011

Darwinian Evolution of Photoshop


[via Tech King and barsandpies]

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Lunch Bugs Anti-Theft Sandwich Bags


So the moldy ones didn't do the trick, eh?

They ate the contents anyway.

Maybe this iteration will protect your precious PB&G from the stealing hungry hordes in your office.

"Each of these clear plastic bags has a bug printed on it, making anything you put inside look decidedly less appetizing."

24 for $6.95.

[via Caroline, a frequent victim of workplace lunch theft]

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Google NGram Viewer — "War of the Words"


Above, the headline over Gene Weingarten's amusing January 30, 2011 Washington Post column about a new offering from the wizards of Mountain View.

Long story short: "A new Google tool called NGram viewer lets you see, on a timeline graph, the comparative popularity of any two or more words, phrases or names, judged by the frequency of their mentions in the millions of English language books Google has digitized."

More from Weingarten's piece: "I learned about this Google tool from my friend Tom Scocca, the Slate columnist. Tom has been publishing his excellent NGram results for two months now: 'Television' passed 'Bible' in 1968.... 'Obese' passed 'portly' in 1939."

"Tom got me started on doing these on my own. I curse him now for all eternity. It is beyond addictive."

Not to add fuel to the fire, but... there goes the day.

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Tar Vase: "Florero Chapapote"


A 2006 prototype designed by Barcelona-based Curro Claret, now on display at the Katzen Arts Center in Washington, D.C., part of the show "Bravos: Groundbreaking Spanish Design," up through May 15.

[via Michele Langevine Leiby and the Washington Post]

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Inflatable Crowd Company


30,000 people when and where you want them.


From the website: "Texture is the key to making inflatables a realistic solution. We provide an unparalleled level of detail customized to match the look of your crowd, including everything necessary to blend the inflatables seamlessly among the real, noninflatable extras: real clothing, individual 3-D faces, wigs, hats, etc."

Cinderalla man 11,000

"The Inflatable Crowd Company was created for "Seabiscuit" in 2002. Since then, our Inflatable Crowds have been seen (but not noticed) in over 80 feature films and many TV shows and commercials."

Friday night lights 8000 b

Photos, from the top down: "The King's Speech — 1,500 inflatables; "Cinderella Man" — 11,000 inflatables; "Friday Night Lights" — 8,000 inflatables.

There's one in every crowd.

[via @kirstinbutler]

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Wood-print dress


By Rodarte, part of their Spring/Summer Collection 2011.

At Colette (213, rue St.-Honoré, First Arrondissement, Paris, France).


$7,540 (€5,410).

[via Eric Wilson and the New York Times]

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"Nothing is original" — Jim Jarmusch


[via Richard Kashdan and 9GAG]

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Clone Chaise


From the Wall Street Journal: "By British designer Sam Buxton, [it] activates when it detects someone's presence. The electroluminescent display lights up, and as a user interacts with the chaise lounge, its digital heart and lungs begin to beat and breathe, as if bringing the chair to life."


The 2005 piece, one of an edition of six, measures 600 x 750 x 1,850 mm.

Made from acrylic, steel, and sequencing electronics.

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