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May 8, 2011

Where to live in the U.S. to avoid a natural disaster


On April 30, 2011, the New York Times featured a superb graphic (above) illustrating the risks of a combination of weather disasters and earthquakes in 379 American metro areas.



the Times' description of how the maps were generated.

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Flashing Earphones


"LEDs light up and blink."

So what're you waiting for?




Note added at 3:21 p.m. today in response to a question Flautist raised in her 3:10 p.m. comment, to wit.: "If you had a way to put the light down in the ear, would beems shoot out through the eyes?"

Beems shooting out from the eyes

Long answer short: yes — as any fool can plainly see in the exclusive-to-boj photo just above.


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It happened here



For the longest time I've dreamed of an app that would register your GPS location and then match it to a database of events and things of interest at that spot.


You'd drive somewhere and have a robotic companion speaking in a natural voice in real time, describing what's of note in the area as you pass through.

Not if but when; I'm thinking within three years, as pieces of the puzzle — real-time GPS, apps like the one featured here, computing power, and speech-capable phones and computers — fall into place.



[via J.D. Biersdorfer and the New York Times]

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Bird Bag Clip



Set of six: $7.

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MorphWorld: Jenna Wolfe into Soledad O'Brien


When I saw Ms. Wolfe on yesterday's Kentucky Derby pre-race show, I thought to myself, "What's Soledad O'Brien doing on NBC — isn't she with CNN?"

And it's not just their looks: NBC's Ms. Wolfe (above), 37, has a voice that's a dead ringer for that of the 44-year-old Ms. O'Brien (below) —


both could cut glass.

FunFacts: Ms. Wolfe was born in Kingston, Jamaica; Mr. O'Brien is the child of immigrants from Cuba and Australia.

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Spy Mirror Wall Clock


12" Ø.



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My most anticipated book: Memoirs of John "Captain Crunch" Draper


You could look it up.

From his website: "Work is underway on the screenplay and musical score of a movie following my story from the early days of phone phreaking and arpanet hacking, through the years of my creations and contributions to the computer revolution."

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"Singing In The Rain" Shower Curtain



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