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May 18, 2011

Guitar String Bracelet — Sheet Music Bronze Cuff


Created by San Francisco Bay-area artist Tanith Rohe, who wrote:



This guitar string bracelet is made from my hand-rolled paper beads made from vintage sheet music, and hand-coiled wound bronze guitar string beads. The beads are on brass wire strung on galvanized steel. There are brass-colored guitar string ball ends strung in between each sheet music and guitar string bead. This cuff-style bracelet is about 7" from end to end. The steel wire the bracelet is strung on is flexible enough to have enough give to fit a variety of wrist sizes, but strong enough to keep its shape. This bracelet is made to order, so there may be slight differences from the one pictured. This bracelet would make a great gift for a guitar player or music lover.


All of my guitar and bass string jewelry is made from previously played strings. Some strings may have some discoloration, but I feel this adds to the character of the pieces. Since most guitar strings are made up of more than one metal, for example steel and nickel, they are not able to be recycled. Unless the strings are given a new use they will just end up in the trash, which makes my guitar string jewelry eco-friendly as well as beautiful and unique.




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