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May 17, 2011

Instant Sumo Suit — "Get big fast"


Sounds like I'm channeling Jeff Bezos' early days — but I'm not.

From the website:

For thousands of years the noble art of Sumo Wrestling has been practised in Japan. For years candidates slave and sweat under the vigilant tuition of their stable master. With a combination of speed, dexterity, a high level of balance and above all a sense of humility, Sumo wrestlers can rise to fame and fortune.

Now you too can experience the roar of the crowd (or perhaps in this case laughter) with this ludicrously funny Instant Sumo Wrestling Suit. No years of training, no binge eating, just step in and inflate, and in a matter of seconds you'll attain the bulk and stature of a mighty warrior — kind of.

This really is a superbly daft and fun costume, guaranteed to win "best costume" at any party, and with the added attraction of you being able to whip it off when you've had enough, and return to normal — as long as you remember to take off the comedy headpiece!

The Sumo Suit comes with a fan which slips into a vented pocket in the back, that at the flick of a button will inflate you to impressive proportions. The thing about a really good costume is that everybody wants a try, which is what makes this one so great, as it's easy to get on and off. Join the noble breed, and you can be sure to get more laughs than anyone else.


• Inflates in seconds

• Suitable for age 10+

• Comes with suit and hat

• 100% nylon — hand wash cold, line dry; do not iron

• Battery operated fan requires 4 AA batteries (not included)

• One-size-fits-all (unless you are already a Sumo wrestler, in which case what are you doing?)


10+ means half my readers are left out of the fun.

That doesn't make me happy.

But I digress.

Have you ever seen my Sumo wrestler impersonation?

You have?

That's funny — because I've never done one.

Sounds like a little reality checkage is in order, what?




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Is the 1967 Bond film, You Only Live Twice, the first western introduction to Sumo?

Posted by: 6.02*10^23 | May 18, 2011 10:48:45 AM

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