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June 1, 2011

Cymothoa exigua — World's most horrifying parasite

Wrote Monica Hesse in a May 22, 2011 Washington Post story, "Andrew Steele, a NASA astro­biologist, tells the group that no sci-fi alien can compete with the weirdness on planet Earth. What about the Cymothoa exigua [above and below] Steele suggests — a parasitic crustacean that crawls into the mouth of a fish, eats its tongue, then slowly becomes its tongue?"


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Pop Music Haircut T-Shirt


"From the pompadour to the moptop to the metal mane to whatever it is Lady Gaga has atop her head, here is a history of popular music as told through the notable haircuts on this shirt."




[via Amy]

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Bitcoin — "Show me the money"

Constant readers will recall that for years I've insisted that there is a pony-equivalent buried somewhere in boj, it's just that I'm too dense to find it.

Now comes Bitcoin, yet another virtual currency (remember Flooz and its ilk, back before the bubble burst?) to offer itself as an alternative to good old cash.

An in-depth May 25, 2011 Technology Review story about Bitcoin is here.

A May 30, 2011 New York Times story reported that the value of a Bitcoin has increased more than ninefold in the past two months, closing at over $8.60 last Friday afternoon.

Richard Beales and Robert Cyran, the authors of the Times piece, wrote, "The concept of the Bitcoin is no less real than regular paper money or coins. All such currencies have only the value their users accept."

Not just currencies: everything in the world is worth precisely what someone will pay for it.

There is no inherent value in gold, property, diamonds, or anything we believe to be a store of permanent worth.

The headline over Annie Lowrey's May 18, 2011 Slate article about Bitcoin: "Why the new electronic currency Bitcoin is a favorite of libertarian hipsters and criminals."

No wonder it's not working for me: I'm neither.

Below, Bitcoin uptake in my Podunk town and environs as of 5 p.m. yesterday.


It's hard to have much of an economy when only three people are involved.

Plenty of upside, though, like I always say.

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Bagel Soap


Can your bagel do that?

Didn't think so.

From the website:


You quickly see and smell that our Box Of Bagels Soap is the real deal. 

The set comes with three mouth-watering bagel soaps and you'll just keep looking at them and think about eating bagels.

The honey bagel scent will remind you of that early morning smell from the corner shop in the city.

Warning, as much as they look and smell like real bagels, if you eat them… you'll only taste soap.

Individual soaps measure 0.75"H x 2"Ø. 

Carrying case: 4"W x 3"D x 4.5"H.

Human-tested and vegan-friendly.


Box of three: $9.99.

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myNaturalist iPad app — "Like traveling with a trained naturalist"


Calm down, it's "Naturalist," not "Naturist."



"324 different consensus birding checklists, empirical birding checklists for any area based on millions of observations, 1000s of bird images provided by a popular search engine, 1000s of detail descriptions of species via embedded Wikipedia articles, and locations of over 6,400 world-wide parks and refuges are just of a few of the features of the myNaturalist app."


Free, the way we like it.

[via Richard Kashdan]

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Mixed Messages Mug


"This typical white mug comes with a bevy of miscellaneous letters that look like they've been plucked from magazines and newspapers. Each durable polymer letter will cling reliably to your mug through multiple washings but can easily be removed when you are ready to change your tune."


[via las lentejas]

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"Railing (Fitzroy Square, London)" — Francis Alÿs (2004)

I have grown increasingly fond of this artist and his performance pieces in recent weeks.

If it weren't already obvious....

His mid-career retrospective, "Francis Alÿs: A Story of Deception,"  at both the Museum of Modern Art (NYC) and MOMA PS1, is up through August 1.

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Flash Lock USB Drive


[via dialog05 and miniManel]

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