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June 7, 2011

Data Pointed: Where the streets have your name


Artist and scientist Stephen Von Worley last year created a site where you could find streets with your name.

Now he's added places and things.

Free, the way we like it.

[via Joe Peach]

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Measuring Tape Belt — Episode 2:


The original iteration, featured here on October 1, 2009 came in classic yellow, was marked off in inches, and was festooned with all manner of tool outlines.

Alas, it sold out.

Some of you requested a less busy version in white with metric rulings.

My crack research team had this on its to-do list for over 18 months before finally getting serious about finding what you wanted.

But as is the case more often than not, in the end they succeeded, though not without a helpful nudge from reader Joe Peach.

The version pictured above and below does not appear to be for sale anywhere, so you're going to have to find one of those ubiquitous web belts with the same type of closure, remove the belt, and then create a window in the metal before attaching a tape measure for a bespoke accessory.


For those who prefer to make rather than purchase things, there's a nice tutorial here that'll let you roll your own for $2-$3.

Another iteration for do-it-yourselfers is here and a third one is here.

[via Ned Hardy]

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Blue mushrooms of New Zealand


Do NOT adjust your set: go ask Alice to do it for you.

Above and below,


the sky blue mushroom Entoloma hochstetteri, photographed by Steve Axford on Fox Glacier in New Zealand.

"The blue coloring of the fruit body is due to three azulene pigments. Entoloma hochstetteri is not edible, but whether or not it is poisonous is unknown."

FunFacts: "This species was one of six native fungi featured in a set of fungal stamps issued in New Zealand in 2002. It is also seen on the reverse side of the $50 bank note issued by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand in 1990."

The mushroom is also native to India.

[via Bem Legaus and pho2addicted]

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Cthulhu Hot Dog Roaster


"Cthulhu might look hideous but your dogs will be the picture of perfection when you use this roaster."

Stainless steel.


[via Cool Material]

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bookofjoe World Exclusive®™©: World's Only Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum


Wrote Joe Peach in an email that accompanied a link to this site: "You HAVE to feature this in one of your posts."

Yo Joe — your wish is my demand.

Wait a minute... that's not how it goes... is it?

Oh, yeah, got it: your wish is my remand.



Still not right?

The heck with it, we've got more important stuff to deal with.

We do?

What might that be, joe?

You — go to your room.


Now where was I?

Oh, yeah, this funky museum, located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, "gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park."

What're you waiting for?

Tell 'em I sent you and I guarantee you'll be met with a blank stare.

Or your money back.

How do you spell "blank check?"


Used up all your vacation days so you can't make the trip?

No worries, mate: visit the Virtual Museum.


I think Joe Peach thinks that by flooding the zone, as it were, with this museum, he can somehow put paid to the seemingly endless progression of salt & pepper shakers that take up space here.


Ha ha think again Joe: all you've done is fire me up to feature even more of them.




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Wake Up Work Out — World's most diabolical alarm clock only shuts off after 30 reps


Make waking up a real nightmare with this horrifying alarm clock, which won't stop bleating until you've curled its 1.5 pounds 30 times.

Everyone knows someone who'd be the perfect recipient for this evil machine.

From the website:



Every day it gets tougher and tougher to wake up and do your your exercises. We've all been there or know someone who has. Why not start the day off right the instant you wake up by combining waking up with your alarm clock and a quick workout? Use all your groggy rage to push those first 30 curls in the morning that will turn off the Wake Up Work Out alarm clock off for good — at least for today.


The Wake Up Work Out alarm clock sounds the get-in-shape alarm, which you can shut off only once you've done 30 bicep reps. Motion sensors inside can tell exactly how many reps you've done and if you do them right — no cheating!!!


On the side of the dumbbell-shaped alarm clock is a countdown timer that counts down the number of reps you've done from 30 to 0 — as long as your upwards swings are perfect every time. So if you're ready to push yourself to the limit and Wake Up Work Out right, then you'll be buff in no time just doing what do you every morning — waking up to the sound of your alarm clock to get out of bed and start the day right.



• LCD clock light: swing upwards to activate

• Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

• Two alarm modes

• Weight: 1.5 lbs.

• 17cm L x 7cm Ø




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Kate MacDowell's sculpture
















[via Trendland]

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Cast Iron Pliers Bottle Opener


From the website:


Don't sacrifice on-the-job hydration on account of your pliers' inability to open beers.

Hand-forged in the Toyama region of Japan (they've been doing cast iron right since the Edo period 400 years ago), the Cast Iron Pliers Bottle Opener is crafted to look and feel just like the pair in your tool belt.

Since they'll be used to open beers quite frequently, they're lacquered with black glaze to prevent rust.



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