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June 9, 2011

BehindTheMedspeak: "Skin Gun" uses stem cells to heal severe burns

Reader Uncle Jake pointed me toward this video, which appeared on the National Geographic Channel.

Its caption: "A simple idea backed by stem cell research allows victims of severe burns to heal in mere days."

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USO (Unidentified Surfing Object) — Billabong V1 Wetsuit

Excerpts from James Sullivan's story in USA Today follow.

This spring Hawaiian big-wave surfer Shane Dorian set a world record by paddling into a 57-foot wave off Maui. For the record, he wore a new inflatable wetsuit built by Billabong.

Surfers are calling the suit's development a game-changer because it provides an element of safety. Though Billabong has no immediate plans to offer the patent-pending technology to the broader market, the suit will be available to some big-wave surfers.

Dubbed the Billabong V1 — referencing its ability to bring a surfer vertically 1 foot above the surface — the suit has a back-mounted air bladder and a carbon-dioxide cartridge that inflates with a ripcord.

The suit's inspiration came to Dorian after a scary incident last year. "I took off on the wrong wave and had a horrible wipeout," he said. "I almost drowned."

After the close call, Dorian outlined his idea to sponsor Billabong, which set out to construct a prototype.

After successful calm-water tests, Dorian brought the suit to the Cortés Bank — an open-ocean surf break 100 miles off the coast of Southern California.

"I paddled into a really big wave and had a bad wipeout, got pushed under, and I thought, 'This is the perfect time to test this thing,'" Dorian said. "I pulled my cord, and I went from nearly panicking to being totally relaxed. I didn't swim, I just let the thing bring me up."


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Newspaper Map — "Find and translate 10,000+ newspapers"


Free, the way we like it.

[via Matt Penning]


The winner of yesterday's Caption Contest is Zach, whose winning entry was:

"The next air traffic controller found sleeping on the job will be sorry."

Gray Cat selected it becaused it was so silly, and she was in a silly mood when the judging occurred.

Zach, please get in touch to make arrangements to receive your prize, which will be a device I find quite useful, namely a universal AC-DC power socket adapter converter (below)


which lets you use car chargers in wall outlets.


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Emergency Cufflinks


"Packed in a set of two pairs, each cufflink twists from its credit card-sized carrier and locks securely in place with a simple fold."

Stainless steel.



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Birds' Nests


By San Francisco photographer Sharon Beals who wrote, "Bird nests, even without knowing which birds constructed them, seem hardly possible. Creations of spider’s web, caterpillar cocoon, plant down, mud, found modern objects, human and animal hair, mosses, lichen, feathers and down, sticks and twigs–all are woven with beak and claw into a bird's best effort to protect their next generation."


"But survival for so many birds is tenuous in a modern world where habitat loss is as common as the next housing development, and even subtle changes in climate can affect food supply. It is my hope that capturing the detailed art form of the nests in these photographs will gain appreciation for their builders, and inspire their protection."


Via Doug D who wrote, "Follow the link to Flickr for more hi-res nests. 39MP camera!"


Nests from the top down: House Finch; MacGillivray's Warbler; Akeke'e; Meadow Bunting.

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

Hint: about the size of a bread box.

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Experts' Expert: Frequent flier Jeanniey Mullen on how not to attract TSA attention


In the New York Times "Frequent Flyer" column Monday, Ms. Mullen, chief marketing officer for digital publishing company Zinio (my favorite in the Pulse/Flipboard app space) told the Times' Joan Raymond the following story:

A few years ago, I was coming back to New York on a red-eye out of San Francisco and was stopped by security along with another female passenger. We were both in line with computer bags only. We were both wearing sandals and sundresses. And we both got called to the side for wearing sundresses that were apparently "too long," meaning the dresses were long enough to hide something under.

I heard the agent say the incident was a "407," which I guess means long, baggy dress or something. It was really weird. Plus I didn’t really understand why I was selected. My dress didn’t come past my knees.

I was released after about 15 minutes, but during that time I did chat with the security agent. I was told that aside from my dress, one of the reasons I was pulled out for a more thorough check was that I wasn't making eye contact with them. What can I say? It was a red-eye flight, and I was tired.

Now, I make a point of smiling and making eye contact as I go through security, no matter what time it may be. And surprisingly, I never had another issue with that suspect sundress.

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Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters


Set of three: $12.


[via Marijean Jaggers]

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