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June 11, 2011

Cicada ice cream story has legs, just won't die

File-Cicada molting animated-2

Just when you thought we were done with this topic till 2024, Adam Clark Estes over at The Atlantic decided to take it a bit further by standing on the shoulders of Melissa Klauda, the intrepid girl reporter for the Columbia Missourian who broke the story last week with a series of hard-hitting exposés that were featured here on June 8 in Episode 1.

In a June 9 post Estes wrote:

Sparky's Homemade Ice Cream in Columbia, Missouri introduced a new cicada flavor ice cream on June 1 and sold out of the brown sugar, butter, and bug treat within hours.

Apparently, employees collected the large, protein-rich bugs in their backyards and boiled them before coating them in brown sugar. (We're still wondering from these articles if they really mean the live bug, rather than the discarded exoskeleton. We've put in a call to the store, and will let you know.) The candied critters were added to a brown sugar and butter base. An environmental health chief at the Columbia County Department of Public Health told the press that while the code in place "doesn't directly address cicadas," he advised against using them in ice cream. For a better visualization, the animation above showing a cicada emerging from its hibernation shell looks fascinating — but not delicious.

Opinions on the cicadas' edibility vary elsewhere in the South. "There is no toxic component to cicadas," a veterinarian told The Tennessean. "I've even heard of people storing them in a freezer for dog treats."

There it is, then.

Again, I say, Columbia/Boone County environmental health official Gerry Worley needs to take a road trip to Mexico City to broaden his horizons as to what's edible when it comes to cicadas and their ilk. 


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Titanic Cargo Manifest





[via wrongologist Kathryn Schulz]

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When Worlds Collide: Spanish Police v Anonymous


The best photo of the day (above) is from the front page of today's Wall Street Journal Business & Finance section where it accompanies a story on Spain's arrest of three individuals said to be from Anonymous, the shadowy denizen of cyberspace much in the news of late.

Photo caption: "Police officials in Spain hold a 'V for Vendetta' mask they seized."

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Cuft — "Keeps your valuables at arm's length"


From the website:


Cuft™ keeps your valuables safely at arms length.

Lightweight and durable, it zips from arm to coffee cup to water bottle while keeping hands safe and paper cuffs out of landfills.


Perfect for stashing your keys, cards and cash on long runs or errands, its adjustable one-size band comfortably fits all.

Polyester and elastic.



$10 ("cups not included").

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Bacon Ipsum — "A meatier lorem ipsum generator"


Res ipsa loquitur

[via Richard Kashdan and Lifehacker]

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Crocheted Bow Headphones

Screen shot 2011-06-09 at 8.09.59 PM

Handmade in California by Traci Medeiros-Bagan.



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Theater for One


Excerpts from Charles Isherwood's June 8, 2011 New York Times article follow.

People with intimacy issues — which is to say most respectably neurotic New Yorkers — may need to steel themselves before a visit to "Theater for One," in which a single actor and a single audience member are sequestered in a plush red booth in Times Square for a one-on-one performance. The experience will last no longer than a few minutes but is likely to settle somewhere in your soul for a lot longer than most of the splashy jamborees in the neighboring theaters do.

Created by the Tony-winning set designer Christine Jones ("American Idiot"), the production was inspired by the peep shows that once proliferated in the area.

A big black box trimmed in steel, resembling an oversize container for filmmaking equipment or stage scenery, has been planted at the south end of Duffy Square. Patrons take a number to take a turn, with five different short plays — none more than 10 minutes long — being performed in random rotation by five performers. (The production, which was first staged in Times Square and at other sites last year, is free and runs through Sunday.

"Theater for One" certainly reminded me of the comforts of anonymity, which we generally take for granted at the theater unless some heinous form of audience participation is thrust upon us. Yep, there’s no avoiding it here, although the difference is the absence of other audience members bearing witness.

More potently this artful production leaves you with an unsettling sense of how guarded, mediated and constrained most of our daily interactions with other people are. An intense focus on another person — even for a mere five minutes — is a more extraordinary experience than it probably should be, unless you happen to be a therapist, I suppose. (And even then ... well, never mind.) Pop in to "Theater for One" and you may emerge with a firmer conviction to pay attention — to anything and everything. As I wandered off, I even found myself taking unusual interest in the meandering hordes of tourists in Times Square. And I discovered that it’s still the best peep show in town.

Remember, tomorrow's the last day, so if you're in Gotham and in the mood stop by.

Tell 'em I sent you if you want to be met with a look of incomprehension.

But then, if you're a regular reader more likely than not that look will be somewhat familiar, eh?


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Portable Ping-Pong Set


"Adjustable paddles and two ping-pong balls come in a drawstring pouch


for easy travel and storage."


"Net expands up to six feet."



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