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June 12, 2011

Experts' Expert: Chef Michael White, "Prince of Pasta," on his one indispensable kitchen gadget


From an interview in yesterday's Wall Street Journal: "My indispensable gadget is my gold-plated truffle slicer [above] from Urbani Truffles in Umbria. Remember the SaladShooter commercials? My truffle slicer is my SaladShooter. I use it for carrots, radishes, cucumbers, Parmigiano shavings."

Maybe you can't cook like Michael White but you can slice truffles with his tool: $150.

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Brass Number Clips


From the website: "These brass clips are practically perfect in every way. Each one has a number cut out, which looks marvelous and will aid your desktop structuring too. Modern, but classic. Each clip is 1.25" long."


Pack of 10: £12.50.


[via Svpply]

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Ice Music — Just the thing to beat the heat

"The story of the Geilo Ice Music Festival and the extraordinary artists that make it happen. In seven days ice is transformed into a stage and musical instruments are created: a guitar, didgeridoo, Norwegian horns, Brazilian Udus and Guiros. The festival culminates in an outdoor, mountaintop concert under the first full moon of the new year."

Kim Bailey's article in issue 26 of Make magazine offers a look at a U.S. iteration.

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Emergency Clown Nose

I'm thinking this might make pediatric anesthesia induction a lot easier.

I'd put it on myself, not the kid — what's wrong with you?

"Simply place nose in vertical slot in the rear of the ball."

Polyurethane foam; "one size fits most"; 1.5" Ø.



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Experts' Expert: Saveur contributing photographer Penny de los Santos on how to photograph food


She listed three essentials in an interview with Kathleen Squires that appeared in yesterday's Wall Street Journal, namely:

1. Head for the sun. If you know you're going to be shooting your meal, try to get a window seat. "Natural light that's filtered through glass is always best," says Ms. de los Santos.

2. Kill the flash. If it's dark and you're shooting with a phone, your flash will make the most gourment meal look like cafeteria food. Ms. de los Santos recommends a dinner companion illuminate the dish with a candle, a flashlight app or multiple phones. It's geeky, but it works.

3. Get the big picture. Everyone wants to shoot juices oozing out of a burger, but if you get too close it becomes abstract. For good composition, Ms. de los Santos says to pull back and give the subject a little space. Food you can identify is always more appetizing.

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Aquarium Table Lighter


"Collectible bespoke silver-plated Alfred Dunhill Aquarium table lighter


was a favorite of Winston Churchill's."




[via the Wall Street Journal]

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Apple in Jalalabad


How much do you think the photo above, which appears on the front page of today's New York Times (below), occupying most of the prime above-the-fold real estate, is worth to Apple, whose MacBook Pro is the focal point of the picture?


I'm thinking at least $10 million, maybe $50 million, in terms of its impact not just in the U.S. but rather around the world on populations not yet connected to the Internet but on their way to becoming part of the woof and warp of the World Wide Web.

Caption for the photo: "Volunteers have built a wireless Internet around Jalalabad, Afghanistan, from off-the-shelf electronics and ordinary materials."

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Peach Pitter


From the website:


Slices peaches into 12 uniform slices with one easy motion.

Soft-grip plastic handle for stability.


Pit stays behind for easy disposal.

12 durable stainless steel blades.

Plastic cover for safe storage.




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