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June 24, 2011

BehindTheMedspeak: Swaying hammock aids sleep*

It must be true 'cause I almost dozed off on the treadmill just now watching the video above.

Yo, joe — that's not how they meant it.


Jonathan Shormon reported in USA Today that people fell asleep faster and slept more deeply when they were in a swinging hammock than when lying a bed.

He wrote, "The Swiss researchers who conducted the study expected to find that rocking caused subjects to fall asleep faster, says study co-author Michel Muhlethaler of the University of Geneva. He says they didn't expect the motion to also cause deeper sleep. Exactly why the rocking motion helps sleep remains a subject of speculation, he says."

Below, a summary of the work, just published in Current Biology.


Rocking synchronizes brain waves during a short nap

Why do we cradle babies or irresistibly fall asleep in a hammock? Although such simple behaviors are common across cultures and generations, the nature of the link between rocking and sleep is poorly understood. Here we aimed to demonstrate that swinging can modulate physiological parameters of human sleep. To this end, we chose to study sleep during an afternoon nap using polysomnography and EEG spectral analyses. We show that lying on a slowly rocking bed (0.25 Hz) facilitates the transition from waking to sleep, and increases the duration of stage N2 sleep. Rocking also induces a sustained boosting of slow oscillations and spindle activity. It is proposed that sensory stimulation associated with a swinging motion exerts a synchronizing action in the brain that reinforces endogenous sleep rhythms. These results thus provide scientific support to the traditional belief that rocking can soothe our sleep.


*In men. No women were included in the study, though they will be part of a follow-up experiment.

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POW! — You're My Heroine Ring


Superhero chic for superhero chicks.



[via Svpply]

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Spiced raw garbanzo beans


From taste of beirut: "When garbanzos get harvested, one can find them in Lebanon sold from street vendors on the side of the road, in big bushy bunches with their tender husks; people will buy them and spend a leisurely afternoon peeling them and eating them with a glass of arak or beer."

"Here in the US, raw garbanzos are found in Middle-Eastern stores or Hispanic stores, maybe even at farmers' markets."

"Raw garbanzo beans are light and crunchy; no trace of starch here. Simply squeeze a lime on them and toss with your favorite spices: paprika, cumin, turmeric, dry mustard, salt, black pepper — they could all be used."

[via my Los Angeles correspondent, ferreting out the tastiest of the (to this U.S.based individual) arcane from food stalls and street carts around the planet]

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USB Wall Socket


Symbolic, this changing of the electronic guard.



Additional colors and styles here.

Poor man's/TechnoDolt™ version (11 cents) here.

[via electronista and my Los Angeles correspondent]

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Black (Paper) Arts — Joe Bagley


From dailypicksandflicks:


"Artist Joe Bagley


hand cuts


original paper art




a single piece




black paper."








[via Milena, Laughing Squid, iGNANT, and Photojojo]

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World's best ever cookie package


[via theworldsbestever and Milena]

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Experts' Expert: Philip Treacy, world's greatest hat designer, on wearing a "Statement Hat"


Said Treacy — who designed Princess Beatrice's memorable chapeau (above) for William and Kate's wedding — about striking hats, "I love that they agitate the wearer and the viewer."

Precisely what I'm about in the virtual space.

But I digress.

From yesterday's Wall Street Journal, a few tips from Treacy on how to use it:

• If you're wearing a statement hat, don't wear a statement dress

• The hat should not match the wearer's shoes and bag

• If you're very tall, you can make a very large hat look small

• Even large hats should be light

• Put your hair up when wearing a hat "because it shows off your neck" and creates a more elegant line

• Don't take your hat off during an event, even a church service. "It's like going somewhere and taking your underwear off."

I like that.

As Treacy remarked, "Sometimes your hair isn't enough."

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Happy Hot Dog Man — and don't forget about Mean Mr. Mustard

That's different.

2 Happy Hot Dog Men (1 Yellow, 1 Red), 1 Ketchup Critter, and 1 Mustard Monster: $10.99 (sure, they'll throw in some hot dogs, why the heck not? You want Ballpark, Nathan's, or Hebrew National? As if.)


Wait a minute... what's that music I'm hearing?

[via Richard Kashdan and 9gag]

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