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June 26, 2011

Chef Chang is in the house


Tonight at 6:30 p.m., the master himself will be in the kitchen of Peter Chang China Grill right here in my Podunk town, preparing a four-course dinner featuring the tasting menu pictured above.

I'll be there.

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謳歌-オウカ- リングアーツ Ouka — Ringarts

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Sardine Paper Clips


Tin of 30.



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Fun with electricity: How to replace a standard outlet

"It came as quite a shock to me."


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Nose Stylus


That's different.


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Ringtonium: Professional Ringtone Designer Now Free*


"Ringtonium lets you create ringtones from your music or even record your own."


*Until Sunday.


Does that mean including today or not?


I guess you'll find out when you visit the App store.

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Vanity Mirror Watch


From the website:



Dude, does a hair on your head dare to be out of place? Ladies, does your make-up need a little fixing? Did you simply just forget how incredibly good you look? If you want solutions to all of these problems fast, you need to buy this Vanity Mirror Watch.


Admire yourself to your heart's content. Just look down at your wrist at this sleek watch with its polished mirror face, and enjoy. Who doesn't love all-in-one devices? You can throw out your compact mirror and forget about fishing out your phone to use the camera to check yourself out — just a glance is all you need with this mirror watch.


Of course, we didn't forget about the whole point of having a watch in the first place. With this mirror conveniently on your wrist, if you need to interrupt your preening sessions to check the time, you can do so with a mere press of a button. You'll instantly see the bright red LED display on your cool mirror watch animate for a few seconds, just enough time so you can get back to what's really important: gazing into those gorgeous eyes.

So give yourself a good excuse to admire your sheer excellence. Besides, you can't deny how practical it is — you can save yourself from being caught with weird stuff in between your teeth. No one wants that.




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