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July 10, 2011

Horse caught by speed camera


The July 8, 2011 Orange UK story:

A runaway horse has been caught on film [above] by a speed camera in Germany.

The nag had escaped from a paddock and dashed off down a busy main road and into the town of Meppen in Emsland in the province of Lower Saxony.

A police spokesman said: "The horse was galloping at full speed for several kilometers before it could be stopped and caught — and led back home.

"The picture was taken by a camera set to take pictures of speeding motorists and people going over the red light — and it was actually a car driver that triggered the picture and the horse ended up being snapped in the same picture."

"The driver has asked if he could avoid paying the fine — he claimed he was trying to get out of the way of a runaway horse. At least we know that part is true."

The horse was returned to its paddock without incident and a broken fence repaired to prevent a repeat.

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1939 Ghost Pontiac


From Born Rich: "Using the design blueprint of the chassis of the original Pontiac, Rohm & Ross created the 1939 Pontiac Plexiglas Deluxe Six Ghost car by putting it together with all the other mechanical components, each with its own distinctive finish. Most of the hardware including the dashboard was chrome-plated, the underlying metal bars were given a copper wash, and rubber moldings were made in white including the custom-made tires of the same color."


"This auto marvel has been featured in many events since its creation in 1939, including the New York World’s Fair where it was an instant hit. Since then it has  changed hands many times. Surprising is the fact that the car has been driven for only 80 miles."


"Under the car's bonnet is an L-head 6-cylinder engine with a 3-speed manual transmission and 4-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. It also features a coil spring front suspension, which was a relatively new idea in vehicles of that era. It will be auctioned later this year, estimated to bring $275,000-$475,000."


Those numbers seem to me very low, considering.

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Pencil Talk — "Exploring the art and science of pencils since 2005"










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Millenium Falcon Bass Guitar


Interview with Travis Stevens, the guitar's creator, here.


Said Stevens,


"I made the guitar on weekends over the course of a month."


"If I had all the materials and nothing else to do I could make one in under a week."

See it in action below.

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Central Bank Interest Rates Around the World


Visit ChartsBin for an interactive version which lets you roll your cursor over any country and get its current interest rate.

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Miniature Hand Blown Bottle


From the website:


This flat-shaped miniature bottle is hand blown from extremely durable borosilicate glass; if it falls, it will sooner bounce than break!

Charming to display on a shelf, in a dollhouse, or in a curio cabinet.

The height is approximately 1-3/4".



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"Underneath It All: Underwear Through the Ages"


Opening August 5, the new above-titled show at the History Center in Ithaca, New York, up through September 29.

Wrote Jane Clark in a USA Today story about what lies beneath, "It features woolen long johns, corsets and cage crinolines — a rigid structure worn under long skirts, which not only made sitting impossible, but, in a stiff wind, could lay a hapless wearer flat."

Caption for the photo up top: "A display features a classic pair of long johns as part of the Ithaca History Center's exhibit."


No problema: Through September 11, the Minnesota Historical Society in St. Paul is presenting "Underwear: A Brief [get it?] History," "which includes vintage Munsingwear samples including men's briefs with the patented 'kangaroo pouch.'"

You say now you've got an underwear Jones and can't stop?

From Orange UK: "An art student is collecting old underwear for her graduation exhibition in Wuhan, central China's Hubei Province."

"Yi Ci, a senior student of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, posted a notice in the dormitory buildings in her bid to collect old underwear a couple of weeks ago."

"The notice explained: 'Yi Ci, majoring in motion pictures studies, is collecting any old underwear for her graduation work exhibition. Hope you can donate your old underwear in the box in the public bathroom. Your kind actions will make a great art work. Please join me!'"

"Yi Ci's work is titled 'Privacy' and donations so far have totaled over several hundred pairs of underwear."

My favorite line of the Chinese story: "Hope you can donate your old underwear in the box in the public bathroom."

Why aren't there boxes in public bathrooms everywhere to collect old underwear?

It's an idea whose time has mos def come.

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Shark Fin Ice Tray


Is that a shark in your drink or...?

Official ice tray of New York Times business travel columnist Joe Sharkey.

Though he probably doesn't know that.

Somebody, send him one.



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