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July 30, 2011

Strangle Poise Lamp


From the website of the Museum of Modern Art show "Talk to Me: Design and the Communication Between People and Objects": "In response to research connecting exposure to violence in the media with the urge to commit violent acts, James Chambers designed a line of speculative products that allow users to act out aggressive inclinations by hurting objects designed for the purpose. The Strangle Poise Lamp (a clever play on Anglepoise, the classic British desk lamp designed by George Carwardine in the 1930s) is turned off by being strangled, a safer way, according to the designer, to 'live out the fantasy' that begins with watching violent films."

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Blast from the past: FakeTV — Episode 2: Time to move on to a flat-screen manqué?


Episode 1 back in 2008 introduced this faux TV device, meant to fool a would-be burglar into thinking you're home watching TV when in fact there's no one there.

Not that you couldn't use it when you're home, but that's not the point.


From the website:



An effective addition to your home security system, FakeTV simulates the light output of a 27" television, making it appear that you are enjoying your favorite programs rather than being on vacation or otherwise away from home.

Small, headlight-shaped unit uses super-bright LEDs to produce constantly shifting lighting effects such as scene and color changes, fades, swells, flickers, and motion.

Device comes on at dusk and can be set for 4-hour, 7-hour, or constant-on operation.


Includes dusk to dawn sensor, timer, and AC adapter.

2-3/4"H x 3-1/4"W x 2-3/8"D.




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Who says targeted advertising doesn't hit the mark?


Crunch time for the spine-shaker drill-powered trike featured Tuesday.

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Spell It Out For Me Clock — Just the thing for the numerophobe (and/or Helveticaphile)


"This is a hand made, hand painted and hand screen-printed 9.5 inch-wide birch plywood clock. The quartz mechanism is made in the USA, and the clock face is made right here in our Boston studio."

"This clock is made to order and typically ships 2 weeks after ordering."


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Lindau Nobel Community — "What would you ask a Nobel Laureate?"


"The Lindau Nobel Community is the interactive home of the Lindau Meetings."

Free, the way we like it.

Fair warning: there goes the day.

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World's only digital wall switch timer requiring no wiring


But wait, there's more: "Fits over any standard wall-mounted toggle switch without having to remove the switch plate."

Sounds almost magical, doesn't it?

From the website:


Can be set for one operation, for a specific day every week, to repeat the program daily for 7 days, or for a 5-day week and weekends.

Manual override allows switch to be flipped between timed intervals without affecting pre-set programs.

Made of high-impact plastic with the following features: low battery indicator/warning; quartz crystal accuracy; input keypad.

Timer comes with all necessary mounting hardware and uses two AA batteries (not included).

5.25"H  x 3.12"W x 1.62"D.


Screen Shot 2011-07-29 at 12.39.26 PM

Caveat [e]lector.


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Helpful Hints from joeeze: Heart-shaped egg


Words fail.

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Cactus Pouf

Screen Shot 2011-07-28 at 9.45.03 PM

Designed by Maurizio Galante.



Apply within.

[via Rima Suqi and the New York Times]

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