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July 9, 2011

A pictorial record of pre-SCUBA British diving


Caption: "What a fantastic picture. Look at those faces! The Royal engineers divers and crew in Chatham England 1904. With this double acting pump 2 divers could be supplied with air. The divers are, of course, using 3-light Siebe Gorman helmets. The left diver the approved 6-bolt type and the right one the (older) 12-bolt type. Official Royal Navy Photo."


Caption: "Diver at Waterloo Bridge, London. A diver returns from his descent in the murky water of the Thames to make his damage report following a collision with the piers by a lighter earlier this morning."

Cyril brookes

Caption: "Cyril Brooks diver, 1950 Deal Beach, Kent. Diver Brooks returns up the beach after recovering pieces of Deal Pier. The pier had been blown up in the War to impede invasion troops."

Lady diver

Caption: "23rd July 1933 — England's first woman salvage diver at Folkestone Pier, Kent. Standing behind her is her father who taught her to dive with the help of The Liverpool Salvage Association. Her pay was between £1.00 and £2.00 per day."

[via Brendan I. Koerner and divingheritage.com]

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