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July 7, 2011

iPhone Clock Dock


A Kickstarter project by James of Portland, Oregon, who wrote:

The Problem:

So many nights I have laid down to rest... as I have prepared to set my iPhone gently on my bed stand... and the worst happens: I notice that its battery is low at best! I'm embarrassed to say I've already been warned twice: once at 20% battery power and again at 10%.  But I forgot... and my charger is in the kitchen, in my car, at work... you fill in the blank.

Now what?  I'm already snug... but I've got an early morning engagement and I can't chance missing my wakeup call. But I don't want to get up — not just after I got down.
The Solution:
A handsome thick piece of solid walnut with either a brushed aluminum or glossy resin face plate. The ultimate mix of modern design and convenience. The perfect mate to my already perfect iPhone. You simply start your clock app of choice and slide your phone into the fully enclosed sleeve and it will seamlessly dock and begin to charge, giving you the restful sleep you deserve.


It'll be interesting to follow the progress of James's campaign and see just how large the boj Effect is.

For reference, when I finished this post yesterday afternoon there were 2 (two) backers and $130 in the kitty.

[via Fancy]

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