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July 29, 2011

Light & Motion Sensing Outlet


From the website:


Stop stumbling around in the dark.

When SensorPlug detects motion, it turns on any light or other electrical device — radio, fan, TV — plugged into it.


When set for lighting, it will activate only when motion is detected AND lighting is low.

2-6 minute timer turns off power to device if motion is not detected; timer resets to zero each time motion is detected so things stay on while you're in a room.


• Passive infra-red sensor has 160° detection angle with 25-foot range.

• Includes replaceable fuse and screws for optional permanent installation.

Ideal for homes, garage or office for safety and as a burglar deterrent.


Now there's an understatement: put one of these in all my downstairs rooms and leave Gray Cat home alone and it'll look like a light show from the street.


$15.99 (Gray Cat not included).


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I use my cell phone.

Posted by: Becs | Jul 29, 2011 6:24:00 PM

I have these all over my house especially in dark rooms that I'm usually just passing through. Helps keep me from tripping over my invisible brown cat, among other things.

Only down side: Has a tendency to blow its little 5A fuse, so I bought 7 Amps.

Posted by: PT | Jul 29, 2011 3:05:05 PM

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