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July 26, 2011

Technician's Pocket Screwdriver


Wrote John Park in a review of this tool in issue 27 of Make magazine, "I have roughly one zillion screwdrivers at my disposal. But the one I use most for servicing small electronics when I've wandered away from my workshop is my Technician's Pocket Screwdriver from County Comm.


"It clips to my pants pocket like a pen and is slightly smaller than a Sharpie. I truly appreciate the end caps that protect me from an accidental leg stabbing, and they have side holes so I can see which tip is which. Each bit is double-ended, giving me a #0 and #00 Phillips choice at one end and a 1/8" and 1/16" slotted bit choice at the other end. Pull out a bit, flip it around, and push it back into place."


"The bits are high-quality hardened steel, but the plastic barrel (and size) means that this isn't a tool for high-torque action. I need it for dealing with tiny little screws that are keeping me out of an enclosure, tuning small pot switches, or tightening down screw terminals on an Arduino project."


"When I'm at my workbench, I usually reach for my fancy Wiha screwdrivers, but the one that gets used the most when I'm up and about is this one."


Black, Grey or Orange: $3.99.



A Note From Our [County Comm] Legal Department: "It has come to our attention that the TSA has been seizing our Technician's Pocket Screwdrivers. We were slightly surprised, however later we were told that a particular on-line forum recommended hanging this tool by cord around your neck to allow the wearer to 'adjust an attacker.' County Comm and its staff members do not recommend this and consider trying to wear this or anything that might be considered a weapon in an airport the beginning of a very bad day."

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