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July 17, 2011

Victorinox Swiss Army Flame Knife with Integrated Lighter


"The Swiss Flame is only available in Europe due to U.S. regulations. Not available from any U.S. retailer."

From vicfan:

The SwissFlame adds a butane gas lighter to the Climber model, while the CampFlame adds the lighter and a small screwdriver to the Camper model.

The SwissFlame and Campflame were manufactured for only a couple of years (from 2002 until 2005). They were never for sale in the United States, since the lighter was considered unsafe: it requires only a single action to start the lighter. The SwissFlame and CampFlame are considered very rare, though they are actually pretty new models."


Also legal in Australia.

[via Fancy]

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This was a direct response to the Brunton Fire-Light - see it here: http://amzn.to/oMFDjQ

I own one - the beast will put out a windproof super-hot blazing torch of a flame using a special mix of butane and propane (the better to light at high altitude and in cold conditions). Alas, the Brunton's transparent reservoir fails to hold a fill of the liquified gasses and will cease to function in but a few days. Brunton has d/c'd this product in favor of a new design that does not have the integral light. I have my RMA, but really loved the design and the ability to carry it on a lanyard inside my shirt (warmer there in sub-zero conditions).

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