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August 23, 2011

The most dangerous cities for walking in the U.S.

Screen Shot 2011-08-20 at 9.31.26 PM

Lizette Alvarez's August 15, 2011 New York Times front page story focused on the fact that "'So much of Florida has been built up so quickly in the era of automobile-oriented design; it's this sort of the boomer phenomenon,' said David Goldberg, communications director for Transportation for America, a nonprofit safety advocacy organization. 'The tendency there has been to build the big wide arterials; you have these long superblocks and you can get up to a good speed.'"

Wrote Alvarez, "As any pedestrian in Florida knows, walking in this car-obsessed state can be as tranquil as golfing in a lightning storm. Sidewalks are viewed as perks, not necessities. Crosswalks are disliked and dishonored. And many drivers maniacally speed up when they see someone crossing the street."

Below, a pedestrian bolts across Semoran Boulevard in Orlando.


[via the New York Times]

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Glass Ruler


Metric; case included.

167 x 24 x 5mm.



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Tower of Post-its


Tato Architects assembled 30,000 individual Post-its into honeycombs and used them to create a structure at the ARTZONE Gallery in Kyoto, Japan.


The pieces were secured only with their own adhesive.


The tower took about a week to assemble.


[via Co. Design and Neatorama]


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Spam Lip Glaze — Meat-flavored lip gloss


What took so long?

But why fool around?

Why doesn't Hormel bite the bullet-shaped container and offer real SPAM in a push-up tube?

I mean, there's enough fat in there to give your lips lots of lasting shine.

And the scent....

But I digress.

From the website:



SPAM for your lips.

  • Moisten your lips with the loving taste of meat
  • It's SPAM for your lips

Rubbing meat on your face is a good way to get noticed, but probably for all the wrong reasons. But what if you do it because you really want to taste meat, but not eat it? Well, grab yourself some Spam Lip Glaze and you can rub the flavor of meat on your lips without getting weird stares at bacon hanging from your cheeks.

Spam Lip Glaze makes your lips happy. It protects them from the stresses of life a bit (hey, it's got some aloe in there) and tastes like meat. Heck, it could possibly even be used as a diet aid (wear the taste of meat instead of eating it). In our imagination you are slowly putting on some Spam Lip Glaze while emptying your SPAM folder (while listening to your copy of "Spamalot," of course). Oh, yeah.

Ingredients: Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, Ozokerite, Beeswax, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Flavor, Phenyl Trimethicone, Carthamus Tinctorious (Safflower) Seed Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate.

SPAM Lip Glaze

  • Officially licensed by Hormel
  • Dimensions: 2.75" long
  • Meat-flavored lip gloss
  • Won't clog your inbox
  • Net weight: 0.15oz




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T.S. Eliot reads "The Waste Land"

The text, should you wish to follow along, is here.

[via Open Culture]

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Leverage — World's most technical iPhone 4 case

If it's not then for sure it's in the top three.

Watch the video.


"The Leverage case employs a unique, proprietary latching system that secures the impact-resistant polycarbonate/ABS composite frame and removable back plate to the iPhone. Attaching the case requires only a simple and satisfying flip of the lever to secure the case onto the phone."

Black or White; Matte or Chrome finish.




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BehindThe Medspeak: Six degrees of perspiration — "Sweat doesn't smell"


Who knew?

Anita Manning's August 15, 2011 USA Today article on sweat was chock full of interesting information. 

Among the choicest morsels:

• Says dermatologist David Pariser, "Sweat works the same as air conditioning," cooling the skin as moisture evaporates.

• "Men sweat four times more than women do," Pariser says, "and larger people sweat larger amounts than smaller people."

• Sweating doesn't flush nutrients from the body — that happens as a result of dehydration — and, surprisingly, it's odorless. The odor associated with sweatiness is caused when sweat or oils produced mainly in the armpits and groin are broken down by bacteria on the skin.

• There are special glands in the armpit, genital and groin area that are more likely to produce odor because the areas are more likely to be populated by skin bacteria. Sweat itself is 99% water, with a small amount of salt and other electrolytes.

• Most people sweat up to a quart of fluid a day. In hyperhidrosis, it's four to five times that.

• The disorder is sometimes dismissed by family members and physicians. "It's a very disabling problem, even though nobody dies of it, but it is very, very treatable," Pariser says. The International Hyperhidrosis Society website (sweathelp.org) offers information and referrals to doctors who can use treatments including prescription-strength antiperspirants, oral medications, iontopheresis — a device that uses water to conduct electricity to palms or feet, blocking sweat production — and Botox injections.

Below, six options for blocking sweat and body odors, evaluated by dermatologist Pariser.
Screen Shot 2011-08-17 at 12.35.35 PM

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Rooster Bowl and Cup


"Traditional bowl and cup with a rooster and a plant on them."


"A classic Chinese design."


"In olden times, these were always used in Chinese restaurants."


Cup $6, Bowl $8, both here.


[via Fancy]

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