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August 18, 2011

David Lynch's "Eraserhead" in 60 seconds — in clay

From Open Culture: "David Lynch spent five years working on his surrealist film  'Eraserhead,'  and when it finally hit cinemas in 1977, critics panned the film. (Variety called it a 'sickening bad-taste exercise.') Then, adding insult to injury, the film was rejected by the Cannes Film Festival."

"Time has certainly been kinder to 'Eraserhead.' Over the years, Stanley Kubrick, George Lucas, and John Waters have counted themselves as major fans of the film. Charles Bukowski claimed that his love affair with cable television started when he first tuned in and started watching 'Eraserhead.' Rock bands have named themselves after the film. And now the latest honor: Lee Hardcastle has remade the film in claymation, and the plot unfolds in pretty much 60 seconds flat."


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