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August 17, 2011

Soylent Green is... crackers? "Just like grandma used to taste"


From the website:


The year is 2022. The world has grown more crowded each year, and as the population has grown, the means to feed that population have dwindled. We couldn't go hungry; something had to be done. That's where the Soylent Corporation stepped in and saved us all. Forget their Soylent Red and Yellow — their crowning achievement has been Soylent Green. And now we share their wondrous invention with you: Soylent Green Crackers.


Soylent Green Crackers are the food stuff the world has been waiting for. A pleasing green cracker that is low in fat and full of spinach, high-energy plankton, and a special blend of herbs and people. Wait, what? Did we say people? DID WE SAY PEOPLE? OH SNAP - SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!! Ok, it's not really people. But Soylent Green Crackers are delicious and a great conversation piece. So remember, Soylent Green Crackers are not really made of people. Or are they?




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Make Room! Make Room!

Harry Harrison was robbed.

Posted by: 6.02*10^23 | Aug 18, 2011 3:46:33 AM

Sol: There was a world, once, you punk.
Det. Thorn: Yes, so you keep telling me.
Sol: I was there. I can prove it.
Det. Thorn: I know, I know. When you were young, people were better.
Sol: Aw, nuts. People were always rotten. But the world 'was' beautiful.

Posted by: Joe Peach | Aug 17, 2011 4:02:01 PM


Posted by: tamra | Aug 17, 2011 3:36:56 PM

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