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September 4, 2011

Sunday afternoon at the movies: "Yellow Submarine"

The 1968 animated film — in its entirety — based on the music of The Beatles.

So wonderful, a late 60s time capsule.

Free, the way we like it.

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Salad Spoons


Designed by Konstantin Grcic.

Steel; 10" long.


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Scientific Illustration Tmblr — Should you enter, you may never leave


Wrote Jack Germain, "The Scientific Illustration Tumblr may just be the the most addicting/inspirational site on the web."


I won't argue.


Exemplars above and below.


There goes the rest of the weekend.

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Engrain Tactile Keyboard


Created by Michael Roopenian.


Apply to: mroopenian@gmail.com


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Video Time Machine App — "Watch over 10,000 hand-picked videos from 1860 to 2011"


There goes the weekend.

"Pick a year and watch specific categories including TV, music, advertisements, trailers, video games, sports and more."

Might be interesting to go back to the year you were born and see what people were surrounded by on your first day on the planet.

I assume no one reading this was born before 1860 — correct me if I'm wrong.



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Victorian Red Riding Hood Child's Toy — Tin Cup and Plate


From the website:


A magical Victorian children's toy tin Red Riding Hood cup and plate set.

Fabulous details are transferred on to these petite tin pieces in the form of chromo lithography.


A deep rich russet red background frames the famous characters on both the cup and the plate.

On the face of the cup, Red Riding Hood in a white pinafore and red hooded cape stands on a road in a country setting.

The plate features Red and the wolf standing together in the woods.... there is gold detailing framing the scenes and in decorative areas on both the plate and the cup.


The cup and the plate are in great condition with no dents or holes — the image of Red on the front side of the cup is excellent, though on the back side there is some image loss and the tin is exposed underneath.

The plate images are intact with some very fine dots of loss of color.


The cup measures 1.75" H x 2.5" Ø ( including handle ); the plate measures 3.25" Ø x 0.25" H.

Ships from U.S.




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White blood cell (neutrophil) chases bacteria


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Back when they were in second grade

Below, the first two paragraphs of Alain de Botton's essay in yesterday's Wall Street Journal entitled "Facts Alone Are Feeble Fare":

I wrote my first book at the age of 8. It was the diary of my summer holiday, spent in the Normandy seaside resort of Houlgate with my parents, dog and sister.

A typical entry, headed "Wendsay 23 of August, 1978" (not dyslexia, just learning English), read: "Yestday nothing much happend. Today the wether is lovely. We went swiming for the hole day. We had salad for lunch. We had a trout for diner. After diner we saw a film about a man that found gold in Peru."

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Packable Perfume



Wrote Sara Clemence in a review in yesterday's Wall Street Journal, "Favorite fragrances no longer have to languish at home while you roam the globe. The Travalo, a lipstick-size, aluminum-clad atomizer, can be filled from a spray bottle, no pouring — nor the attendant spilling — involved. Pop it onto the nozzle of a perfume container, pump several times and hit the road or runway. Holds 50 sprays."

From the website: "Pocket-size perfume spray bottle that refills in seconds directly from a large fragrance spray bottle. No funnel, no spills, requires no skill."

Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Black, Gold or Silver.




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