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September 23, 2011

How to see who has unfriended you on Facebook in 4 easy steps


From BuzzFeed:


"It's official: You can use Facebook Timeline to see who has unfriended you."


Fair warning: Prepare for pain.


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Pure Black Kitchen Knife


Forged from one piece of steel with black chrome finish.


8.5" long from tip to tang; 13.5" long overall.


Tactile grip.



[via Fancy]

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Devices people carry in airports


Figures from June 2011 show the iPhone makes 42% of the mobile device connections at Boingo's airport hotspots, with the iPad second at 23% and the iPod touch third at 17%, leaving 18% for all other devices combined.

[via TUAW and All Things D]

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Coax-Seal Cable Weatherproofing Tape


Good idea for those who have connections exposed to the elements.

Beats booking a visit from the cable guy.


One roll covers approximately nine connections.



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The secret sauce of ATM machines


From page 140 of Vlatko Vedral's superb book, "Decoding Reality":

Have you ever wondered why your PIN (personal identification number) is secure when you withdraw money from an ATM machine (automatic teller)? How come neither the bank staff nor the bank manages to know you PIN? Why they do not obtain it when you type it into the ATM and then steal your money?

The reason is that the ATM machine performs the following operation: When you type in your PIN with the intention of withdrawing the money, the PIN (usually a four-to-six-digit number) gets multiplied by a huge (say a 500 digit) number. The resulting number (a number 504 digits long) is then checked by the bank. And if it is in the database, you will be allowed to proceed with your transaction.

But — and this is the crucial but — the bank cannot figure out your PIN from the 504-digit-long number that they have in their database. It would simply take them a very long time – longer than the age of the universe with current [2010] computers!

The punch line of all this is that, using a quantum computer, we can factorize numbers very quickly. If we have a quantum computer with 10,000 quantum bits, we could factor a 504-digit number in a few seconds. And that would be the end of most current security!

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L.L. Bean wedge — Maine x fashionista

Screen Shot 2011-09-22 at 7.02.55 PM

Who'd a thunk it?

Screen Shot 2011-09-22 at 7.03.12 PM

"Cozy in any condition, with nylon upper and full-grain leather bottom. Contrast leather trim. Rubber lug sole and latex cushion for comfort and support. Fleece-lined. Wedge measures 3.5"."

Screen Shot 2011-09-22 at 7.03.05 PM

Top down: Saddle, Forest, Blue.


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Snapseed Photo Editor for free — for now


From iDownLoadBlog :

What’s better than an expensive app going on sale? An expensive app going free. That's exactly what has happened with the popular photo editing app Snapseed. The utility is normally $4.99, but is currently available for free.

The software, made by Nik Software, was named iTunes App of the Week last month, and has a rating of 4.5 stars out of nearly 700 ratings. 

Snapseed is universal, so it works on the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod touch. The free offer started Tuesday and continues through today, September 23.


Fair warning.

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iPhone "case-on" dock extender


"Does the case on your iPhone make connecting the sync/charge cable difficult or impossible?"


"This device solves that problem."



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