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October 4, 2011

"Crafting With Cat Hair"

Screen Shot 2011-10-03 at 8.24.07 PM

That's different.

"This title will be released on October 11, 2011."

I'm very tempted, but Gray Cat sheds so little fur it would take five years to gather enough to make even a finger puppet.

[via Jura Koncius and Melissa Bell]

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Remote-Controlled Tarantula

Screen Shot 2011-10-04 at 1.27.21 PM

It's what's for Christmas (for Gray Cat).

From the website:


Remote-controlled tarantula scurries across flat surfaces like an actual arachnid, moving forwards, backwards, and rotating 360°.

It has a hairy exterior similar to the urticating hairs that cover a tarantula's abdomen and serve as defense mechanisms against predators.

The spider's eight legs move independently and the eyes light up, allowing you to frighten unsuspecting arachnophobes day or night.

Remote [below] requires two AA batteries and tarantula requires two AAA batteries.

6" L x 1"H.

Ages 6 and up.


"Ages 6 and up" is great news for my readers, an estimated two-thirds of whom fall within the recommended age range.

Screen Shot 2011-10-04 at 1.27.25 PM


[via my Los Angeles correspondent]

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What you shouldn't post on your Facebook page — if you want a job


Wrote Alexis Madrigal, "Kashmir Hill, Forbes' indispensable privacy blogger, posted this chart today, drawn from a survey of employers. Two things to note. 1) 95 percent of employers say they use social media sites to ferret out more information about job candidates. 2) If these employers informed these job candidates why they were dropped, Facebook as we know it might not exist."

"That's not because social media is bad for job candidates, per se, but rather that the sense people have that they are just talking with their homies would evaporate. It would become clear that Facebook is, in fact, a quasi-public forum in which what you say attaches very strongly to your identity. It's the persistence that makes it different from 'real life' and it's the persistence that Timelines is going to highlight."

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Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set


Dishwasher-safe heavy duty plastic.


Set of three.


Black or White Cups/Rack: $15.99.

[via Fancy]

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How Many Kinds of Pringles Are There?*


*67. "All throughout the world, including promotions, at least for now, and growing."

[via the New York Times]

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Bubble Tank


By Sheffield-based Psalt Design

[via Fancy]

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Hunter S. Thompson confronted by the Hell's Angels on Canadian TV in the 1960s

So great.

From Open Culture: "In 1965, the editor of The Nation asked Hunter S. Thompson to write a story about the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club, as they're officially known. The article quickly led to a book deal, and the next year the Gonzo journalist published 'Hell's Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga.'

 "Reviewing the book for The New York Times, Leo Litwak wrote:

Hunter Thompson entered this terra incognita [the world of the Hell's Angels] to become its cartographer. For almost a year, he accompanied the Hell's Angels on their rallies. He drank at their bars, exchanged home visits, recorded their brutalities, viewed their sexual caprices, became converted to their motorcycle mystique, and was so intrigued, as he puts it, that "I was no longer sure whether I was doing research on the Hell's Angels or being slowly absorbed by them." At the conclusion of his year’s tenure the ambiguity of his position was ended when a group of Angels knocked him to the ground and stomped him….

 "'Hell's Angels' made Thompson’s career as a writer. But the book didn't make the Hell's Angels particularly happy. Just watch this Jerry Springer-esque clip that aired long ago on Canadian television, and you'll see what we mean."

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Watercolor Postcards Portable Studio


From the website:



This deluxe kit contains everything an aspiring artist needs to create beautiful watercolor postcards.


Start with the included easy-to-follow instruction 16-page booklet containing tips and techniques from a watercolor expert.


Kit includes high-quality brushes, 4 tubes of pigment, and 10 elegant Strathmore postcards.





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