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October 9, 2011

"I'm Getting Arrested" — New Android app sends out word

Screen Shot 2011-10-09 at 2.55.55 PM

From the website: "Alert your lawyer, loved ones, etc. that you are being arrested with a single click."


"I'm Getting Arrested enables anyone, with one click, to broadcast a custom message to SMS numbers in the event they are arrested."

I wonder: Is everyone entitled to one SMS after being placed under arrest?

Free, the way we like it.

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Onomatopoeia Watch


By the late, great Tibor Kalman.

From the website:

Onomatopoeia: The term used to describe words whose pronunciations suggest their meaning (eg, meow, buzz).

Here symbols suggest the sound of the numbers:

3 = tree (three)

5 = hand (5 fingers)

9 = cat (9 lives)

12 = Eggs (dozen/12)


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Jeff Bridges in the U.S. Coast Guard


Who knew?

Not me, until I read about it in a September 23, 2011 Washington Post story accompanied by the photo up top.

He joined the Coast Guard Reserves at age 18 in 1968.

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T-square hanger


Created by Jennifer Rabatel who wrote, "Somehow, I have always been fascinated with this object. I can't help noticing both mechanical and aesthetic beauty in such a tool."


"Designed to create and measure angles, I have used it so often that one day I used it to hang my coat and found the perfect angle for it. It became clear to me that I was looking at a very simple yet perfectly-shaped coat hanger."


"The great function of this hanger is that you are able to fold it in one fine piece."

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Frank Lloyd Wright on "What's My Line?" in 1956

He was 88 at the time.

[via Open Culture]

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Adjustable-length HDMI cable


"Can be uncoiled to full length: once uncoiled, holds its shape and does not recoil."


6 feet long when extended.




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World's largest photo libraries — "How many photos have ever been taken?"


"Already Facebook's photo collection has a staggering 140 billion photos — that's over 10,000 times larger than the Library of Congress."


[via Flavorwire and 1000memories]

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Sealander Amphibious Trailer















Can they build one for you?

Apply to: info@sealander.de

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