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October 31, 2011

Experts' Expert: How to harden your Gmail account against hackers

Wrote James Fallows in an article in the November 2011 about what happened when his wife's Gmail account was hacked and the contents erased, "If you use Gmail, please use Google’s new 'two-step verification' system. In practice this means that to log into your account from any place other than your own computer, you have to enter an additional code, from Google, shown on your mobile phone. On your own computer, you enter a code only once every 30 days. This is not an airtight solution, but it can thwart nearly all of the remote attacks that affect Gmail thousands of times a day. Even though the hacker in Lagos has your password, if he doesn't have your cell phone, he can't get in."

"In case you've missed the point: if you use Gmail, use this system. Also, make sure the recovery information for your account — a backup e-mail address or cell phone where you can receive password-reset information — is current. Google uses these to verify that you are the real owner."

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just use password 12345

nobody will figure that out

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