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November 7, 2011


Wrote creator Rethink Communications of Vancouver, Canada,


"Specializing in model and radio-controlled aircraft for over 40 years, Norburn Model Aircraft Supply offers the widest and best selection in British Columbia. We created a unique business card for them by printing and laser die cutting balsa wood that can be assembled into a small — and functional — glider."


Watch it fly here.


[via Jay Mug and Ads of the World]

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Candy Cane Cup


Double-walled porcelain with silicone top and grip.

Microwave- and dishwasher-safe.


6"H x 3.5"Ø.

Holds 16 oz.



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Iggy Pop is the new face of Paco Rabanne's Black XS L'Excès



From Hurricane Vanessa:

For women of my vintage, the signing of Iggy Pop as the face and wrinkly old bo of Paco Rabanne's new fragrance Black XS L'Excès, brings much needed cheer to a Sunday morning.

What a lovely change from the onslaught of Emily, Keira, Scarlett and the team.

The news of his new modelling career and in fact the news that actually he still lives, serves to encourage the rest of us that, while dinosaurs of their age and state of decrepitude still walk amongst us, there is hope for us too.

In fact just living is practically Mick, Steve Tyler and Keef's sole purpose in 2012, in my opinion.

I Pop has certainly sustained some serious storm damage along the way, but the bonus of his dissolution is that he really looks no worse today than he did 20 years ago. 

[via Fashionista and WWD.com]

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

Hint: About the size of a bread box.

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Emergency Telephone Numbers Around the World

Screen Shot 2011-11-06 at 8.47.51 PM

Make a copy, keep it in your wallet.

One day you might be very glad you did.

Interactive version with more information here.

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Rotating Soap


From the website:


This was patented in 1950 and used widely in schools, public buildings and by France's state-run railways.

At first sight this is an unusual soap, but it does have advantages: it makes it much easier to soap dirty hands and the soap itself dries more quickly and is easy to replace.

The solid fitting is non-corrosive and can therefore be used in the garden.

The manufacturers claim you can wash your hands 1,000 times with a 300 gram tablet of this pure vegetable soap.

The soap holder comes with a lemon oil soap for everyday use.



[via CSYCB]


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How a open a can with a spoon

From Doobybrain: "This requires a lot more force than a can opener, but if you've got a spoon lying around that you can sort of afford to bend, you should try this."

[via The Daily What and The Best of YouTube]

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Cat DJ Scratching Deck


Cardboard scratching post with spinning top and movable arm.


Gray Cat is headbutting me as I prepare this post: that's a sign.


15" x 14" x 5.5".




[via Broadsheet.ie]

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